Cédric Bernard (ProovStation): “The gantry can boost several profit centers”

Auto Info: What are the changes on this second generation of gantry?

Cedric Bernard: We had monochrome cameras on the first generation because it was the best technology available. Today we have 4K color cameras, which gives a more visible result for the end customer. This makes it easier to quote or buy back the vehicle, for example. This new gantry consumes seven times less energy and is more compact. It can be installed in half a day.

Auto Info: Does its operation change?

Cedric Bernard: It has three modes of use. It can be fully automatic or operate in hybrid mode, thanks to a tablet that allows inspection management without stopping the flow of vehicles. Finally, it can be connected to our team of in-house teleoperators. We therefore ensure the quality control of the inspections.

Auto Info: Is this new gantry more suitable for distribution groups?

Cedric Bernard: Until now, we were focused on manufacturers, logistics providers and remarketing players, but this development opens up new perspectives. Thanks to all these improvements, we can offer the ProovStation for holding periods of up to 72 months, which makes it possible to reduce rents. We are therefore competitive with distributors and short-term rentals.

Auto Info: What are the contributions for distributors?

Cedric Bernard: The gantry can boost several profit centers, such as smart repair, the sale of tires, geometry or cash redemption, for example. In a difficult UV sourcing context, the machine can carry out inspections of each vehicle that goes through after-sales, which allows the professional to make a purchase proposal to any customer.

Auto Info: Is Michelin QuickScan available as standard or as an option?

Cedric Bernard: This automatic tire control tool is available as an option, but most of our customers choose it. It is a management tool for the sale of tires but also geometry. It integrates very well with the gantry, which for its part analyzes the bodywork. It is a real weapon for the distributor.

Auto Info: Does this new gantry detect more body defects?

Cedric Bernard: Yes, we have also improved our level of detection. Some types of damage must be looked at by our customers, but we are very clear with them and tell them what to check. The slightly polished headlights should be checked in particular, but this point will quickly be improved as we have just moved to Spain and this type of defect is more common there. The artificial intelligence linked to the device evolves and feeds in particular on the recurrence of faults on vehicles.

Auto Info: How is the gantry perceived when it is installed in the workshop?

Cedric Bernard: We support each client during a six-month pilot phase. We are very involved because the gantry requires a change in the management of the workshop. This is also why we offer several types of use of the gantry.

Auto Info: What are the next developments of the ProovStation?

Cedric Bernard: A new underbody control tool should arrive soon. It will be used in particular to check the state of the battery of electric vehicles. We are developing this tool internally and it is already being tested with a client.

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Cédric Bernard (ProovStation): “The gantry can boost several profit centers”

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