Comics for children: two exciting albums to understand everything about forests and space

Comics are often the ideal tool for popularizing knowledge. Nice example here with two albums and two atmospheres: an educational hike in the woods and a humorous fiction in the cosmos. From 8 years old.

“Infused science, volume 1: Space-time”

Brace yourself: the space and scientific journey is about to begin! Accompanied by an extraterrestrial captain, who took on the features of a human in a kilt and red tie, and an artificial intelligence looking like a superheroine, two children will travel the cosmos to forge a scientific culture at the speed of the light. Theory of relativity, gravitation, nervous and solar systems, maths, chemistry or astrophysics… A whole field of knowledge will be approached with energy and pedagogy through a fiction with a humorous tone and classic drawing, of formidable efficiency. Indeed, the screenwriter Bertrand Escaich (half of the duo signing BeKa, author in particular of Leonie’s blog or of college heart) composes with the chemical engineer Chacma a clever and solid compendium of fundamental scientific notions, which we did not think were necessarily accessible to the youngest, but which, well staged, become palpable.

The explanations are clear, the jokes bring a little distance and lightness, and the designer Julien Mariolle finds – in the absence of graphic originality – the right balance to put this amazing didactic walk into images. It is also one of the great qualities of this album: very fluid, it can be read without ever boring thanks to short and dynamic sequences which follow each other perfectly, but on which it is easy to come back if you have any doubts about understanding. of a phenomenon or a theory. Twenty out of twenty.

ed. Bamboo

r Infused science, volume 1: Space-time, by B. BeKa, Chacma and Julien Mariolle. Bamboo, 64 pages, €14.90. From 9 years old.

“Forests. A fabulous world to discover”

The Tout en BD collection from Casterman editions has a knack for presenting sometimes complex subjects in a lively and entertaining way (see for example the volumes on the economy or overconsumption). This time, she takes us into the woods, in the company of a scientist specializing in forest ecology, a hiker who loves storytelling and two very curious children. We then travel through the undergrowth of our countryside, the forests of our mountains but also of the tropics. We review how trees grow and what they are used for in the fight against global warming. We discover the wood industry, from the sawmill to the kit shelf. We take stock, more than necessary, of the definition of primary forest and the importance of protecting it. And of course, we come across species and animals of all kinds, because the forest is one of the richest natural spaces.

This comic book documentary, written by the scientific author Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu, is sometimes quite dense in terms of texts and information, but the tone is always dynamic, and the variety of layouts allows you to breathe. Thus, the designer Adrienne Barman punctuates her boards with large boxes, eyeing a little towards the illustrated album, and offers colorful panoramas that are very pleasant to browse. This resolutely ecological album, produced in partnership with the Regional Natural Parks of France, is therefore a successful exercise in scientific popularization, and has the merit, as a bonus, of giving an urgent desire to go for a walk in the forest.

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ed. Casterman

q Forests. A fabulous world to discover, of Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu and Adrienne Barman. Casterman, 48 pages, €12.95. From 8 years old.

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Comics for children: two exciting albums to understand everything about forests and space

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