Dinan: a second scanner for the health center

From left to right, Ana Bonto-Quinn, Maxime Fondin, Boris Moutondo and Hélène Grivet Bruge, radiologists from the hospital and the polyclinic gathered in a GIE, in front of the new scanner. ©The Little Blue of Côtes d’Armor

The radiologists of the Pleven hospital and the pays de Rance clinic, in Dinanhave for a few days a 2and to scan. A high-tech device that adds to the one in place since 2017 as well as two MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) renewed in 2019.

All this very expensive and state-of-the-art equipment is shared between the two private and public establishments within a economic interest group.

Scanners such as MRIs make it possible to examine all parts of the body. For all types of pathologies. These machines can be complementary according to the needs of the radiologists “hence the interest of bringing them together in the same space”.

“It does not radiate more than a radio”

The new, state-of-the-art device (Revolution Maxima, from General Electric) excites healthcare professionals:

“It is very powerful and fast, which reduces the impact of X-rays (1) on patients. We are talking about a very low dose. It doesn’t radiate any more than an X-ray, but gives much more information. »

On the other hand, “being able to perform a scan in less than two seconds makes it possible to obtain a more accurate x-ray because the person being examined will be less inclined to move and their apnea time will be reduced,” says Maxime Fondin, radiologist at L’Imagerie Pays de Rance.

Better comfort for the patient

In one second, this machine “full of artificial intelligence” examines 17.5 cm of a body part.

Another advantage of this power of action: the reduction in the doses of contrast products injected. But also, a patient positioningt easier to perform, depending on its morphology, thanks to a camera coupled with a laser.

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The other scanner overloaded

Independently of its technological prowess which helps radiologists for their diagnosis, this new scanner also has the advantage of relieving the use of the first.

The other machine “is undoubtedly one of the most used in France”: 17,000 technical procedures each year for around 12,000 patients!

“Sometimes it had to be released in emergency situations such as an accident. And transfers to Saint-Malo were necessary during breakdowns or maintenance operations. »

Boris Moutondo, radiologist at GHT Saint-Malo-Dinan.

“Having two devices will limit the duration of hospitalization caused by waiting times but also appointment times”

Hélène Grivet-Bruge, radiologist at GHT Saint-Malo-Dinan.
Dinan health center scanner
Rooms have been redone to accommodate this new scanner. ©The Little Blue of Côtes d’Armor

Another scanner in June

Another reason for satisfaction: another scanner (of another brand but with almost the same characteristics) will be delivered to them next june to replace the 2017 one.

Radiologists will therefore have a set of very recent machines to examine patients.

10 years of waiting

Moreover, it’s all about patience since the new scanner was in demand ten years ago. Those medical imaging tools are indeed subject to the authorization of the Regional Health Agency even if it has not financed this equipment.

“Authorization from the Regional Health Agency was obtained in 2020. It was then necessary to launch calls for tenders, organize the work to accommodate the machine…all this in a complex health context”, explains Elisabeth le Déon, administrative director of the Imagerie du pays de Rance which brings together the six independent radiologists of the private clinic.

The machine was delivered by special convoy on March 28 and installed in new premises (located partly in place of the old medical center and above the hospital pharmacy) which had to be reinforced due to of its weight.

1) A diffuse X-ray scanner, an MRI works by magnetic resonance.

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Dinan: a second scanner for the health center

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