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Released at the beginning of 2022, Luminar Neo is the latest software developed by the publisher Skylum, to which we already owe Luminar AI and Aurora HDR, photo editing software, endowed with artificial intelligence.

Luminar Neo remains in the continuity and in the DNA of the editor by offering a wide range of features specially designed to easily and quickly embellish your shots and turn them into true works of art. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Luminar Neo goes much further than simple image editing and allows photographers to completely transform their photos and perform creative treatments.

How does Luminar Neo work?

Luminar Neo is therefore an image processing software, which supports raw images in RAW format, and combines the power of artificial intelligence with the management of non-destructive layers. This comprehensive and powerful software also includes an intuitive, refined and particularly ergonomic interface to manage your entire photo catalog, but also to quickly access the various editing features.

The catalog indexes and lists all the shots in order to optimize their classification and search in albums and personalized folders. Different sorting criteria can be applied to quickly find a group of images.

Luminar Neo then displays in the Edit tab, the selected photo and offers in the right column, all the available tools. The different layers are, for their part, accessible in the left column. By clicking the + button, you can quickly add a new layer or mask, insert an object, a new image for an original composition, a texture, a watermark or any other element.

The tools in the right column are further divided into several broad categories:

  • basic tools including AI-driven enhancement tools, black and white processing, color management, etc.
  • creative tools including Sky AI (already available in Luminar AI), Portrait AI, Relight AI, Atmosphere AI, etc.

Many other features are available to users. Artificial intelligence is found in almost all the tools available, but it is possible to deactivate it to give free rein to the imagination and creativity of the photographer in post-production.

Among all these features, the most interesting are undoubtedly Sky AI, which allows you to transform a dull and flat sky into a glowing and sublime sunset, Portrait AI, which allows you to smooth the skin and treat all facial imperfections in 2 clicks, but also AI Relight, which adds depth to your photos by accentuating shadows, adding backlight or on the contrary, adding brightness to your image.

What are the differences between Luminar Neo, Luminar AI and Luminar 4?

Luminar Neo presents itself as the successor to Luminar 4. It thus integrates automated features like Luminar AI, but with the possibility of adjusting everything manually. It also integrates the creative management of layers and textures.

Thus, Luminar AI mainly includes tools managed by artificial intelligence. This application, available both as stand-alone software and as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshopallows less experienced users and the general public to quickly optimize their photos with just a few clicks.

How to use Luminar Neo?

You can download Luminar Neo as a standalone version for both Windows and Mac computers. It is not available as a plugin version for other image processing software. New updates are scheduled in the coming months. The software should be enriched with Mask AI, histogram, background removal module in Portrait AI and other practical tools to retouch your photos.

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Download Luminar Neo for free on Futura

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