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Since 2013, the Citi Foundation and the Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment (EFE-Morocco) have been working together for the employability of young people by supporting young job seekers through technical capacity building training. and
behavioral, for better professional integration, in a constantly changing economic context that requires agility and adaptation to the emerging needs of growth sectors.

This partnership is based on innovative tools to analyze market trends through the use of an artificial intelligence tool and interactive recruitment terminals (Hiring Kiosks) among other things, but above all through active listening to the market. employment through close collaboration with the private sector as well as an understanding of the expectations of Moroccan youth.

This approach has thus made it possible to train more than 360 young job seekers in 2022, 52% of whom are women. 40 young laureates were able to be successfully inserted into the labor market, during this year, within partner companies of the program and which operate in the sectors of Education, Health and services.

The partnership between EFE-Morocco and the Citi Foundation has thus reached the honorable threshold of more than 1,800 young people supported with nearly 500 young people permanently integrated into the labor market since 2013. “The success of this edition was possible thanks to EFE-Morocco , with the support of the Citi Foundation, as well as the commitment of all the partner companies, who have placed their trust in this project, and who have welcomed young people into their teams.

This partnership is part of a global initiative of the Citi Foundation, Pathways To Progress, which aims to support one million young people around the world by the end of 2023, through training and creation programs. start-ups with a strong social impact. says Taoufik Rabbaa, CEO of Citibank Maghreb.

On this occasion, the two foundations organized on Tuesday, November 29, in Casablanca, a closing ceremony for the class of 2022 and celebration of the renewal of the partnership for the tenth consecutive year with the aim of supporting 300 additional young people by ‘next year.

This ceremony was attended by partner companies of the EFE-Morocco foundation as well as young beneficiaries of the program from all promotions.
It was an opportunity to share with the guests the journeys of some beneficiaries of this
partnership like Yahya N. one of the laureates present who declared: “Thanks to this program and the quality of the training offered “Sales Skills”, I was able to develop my behavioral skills and refine my commercial approach, which made it possible to get my current job in the field of telesales and customer relations “The testimonials of our young beneficiaries reinforce our desire to further develop this impactful ecosystem, made possible by the renewed support of the Citi Foundation and the commitment of our partner employers to give our young people the opportunity to reveal their talents” emphasizes Amine Berrada Sounni, President of EFE-Morocco.

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EFE-Morocco and the Citi Foundation. Nine years of fruitful partnership – Infomédiaire

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