Enterprise search and its benefits

B2B search engine, knowledge management, enterprise search, intelligent search… What is behind these new essential concepts for working in companies? We tell you everything.

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What is enterprise search?

The collection, management and research of information are at the heart of the activity of all companies and organizations today. This is why tools using artificial intelligence have been developed to exploit all this data. L’enterprise search was therefore born and made it possible to centralize all these data, whatever their source, to make them usable.

The main benefits of enterprise search

But is enterprise search really useful? Through 5 benefits that this technology offers, you will see that it is not just useful, but essential.

A reliable and up-to-date database

Enterprise search uses a database specific to each company. Its content comes from the company’s e-mails, files and intranet data. As all information is related to the company, it is very easy to check its validity. It is also possible to add a human validation step to increase the reliability of the database.

Easy access to information

Today, the sources of information are so numerous that, when looking for specific data, it quickly drowns in the mass of other data. This is especially true for news. With enterprise search, all information is brought together on a network with an integrated search engine that works like Google or other such technologies.

More productivity for teams

According to the International Data Corporation, employees can waste up to 8 hours a week trying to find the information they want. With enterprise search, it’s over. No more opening 10 apps to find the info you need. Everything is quickly and easily accessible. An aid for productivity, for decision-making, for the processing of customer requests and for the general efficiency of the teams.

An improved customer experience

Enterprise search is not only aimed at a company’s employees, but also at its customers and prospects. To get information about the company they are interested in, they just have to go to the search page of its site. The latter is in the form of a B2B search engine. It only takes the customer a few clicks to find his information, which will inevitably reduce the workload of the company’s online advisers. As a result, their business will be of better quality and your prospects and customers will be more satisfied.

More profitability

Thanks to all these improvements, the company that uses the enterprise search system will see its profitability increase, despite the initial costs.

Enterprise search pays off quickly in terms of processing times, quality of service and customer experience. But it is above all a very simple technology to integrate for work teams who, generally, have mastered web research.

With enterprise search you save money, you improve your services and their performance and you optimize communication between teams. Significant advantages for all companies and organizations seeking to develop over the long term.

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Enterprise search and its benefits

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