Health – A national digital platform project to ensure better detection of long Covid

Loss of smell, chronic fatigue, memory problems, difficulty concentrating or breathing… This list of symptoms of long Covid, doctor Jean-Marc Comas, based in Brive (Corrèze), knows it well.

The practitioner follows around fifty people suffering, to varying degrees, from this persistent form of the disease which appeared in the spring of 2020. Like others, the doctor notes, just after the first wave, the “growing cohort of Covid survivors” .

A composite portrait of the long Covid

“I was part of a group of health professionals who said to themselves that data had to be collected to find out more about this disease”, reports Jean-Marc Comas, who became president of TousPartenairesCovid.Doctor Jean-Marc Comas chairs the national association TousPartenairesCovid.

In a totally disinterested approach, this national association is now able to use scientific data from a questionnaire completed by 5,000 people.

The All Partners Covid association launches a patient survey to better understand the disease (November 2020)

“We entered 1,200 responses to allow us to draw the robot portrait of the long Covid”, depending on gender, age group, and duration of symptoms.

On his website, the association shares its results in the form of graphs and tables. Other tools are to follow: “Thanks to artificial intelligence, and with the support of Medicare (Cnam), we will be able to propose an algorithm which will be made available to patients and treating doctors”.

Jean-Marc Comas sees in this future digital platform a real hope for better detection of patients.

Young people are also affected

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10% of people with Covid can suffer from chronic disorders, “even those who have not been hospitalized, adds Jean-Marc Comas. Once the acute phase has passed, beyond three months, symptoms persist. They are fluctuating. You are fine and then they reappear. There is sometimes a strong psychological distress, because there are no solutions. »

A pediatric version of the algorithm is planned. The frequency of a long Covid is lower among young people (2 to 5% according to the Ministry of Health), but Jean-Marc Comas does not hide a certain concern:

Faced with certain symptoms, such as dropping out of school, we tend to blame the confinements or psychological factors. However, extensive examinations show that the brain can be affected.

On March 17, 2022, the government released its “roadmap for better understanding and managing long-term Covid”, a document that includes the collaboration between Health Insurance and TousPartenairesCovid.

Its president would like to go further, with local support.
In Corrèze, the Territorial Support Platform (PTA), a public body that works with health professionals to manage complex situations, has found ways of providing care outside the hospital.

“Physiotherapists have undergone specific training. Rehabilitation, ENT, hyperventilation, effort rehabilitation, is fundamental, assures Jean-Marc Comas. Patients imprisoned in the long Covid must not remain inaudible. »

“My freedom is 30 cm of cables and three kilos of equipment”, testifies the deputy Raphaël Gérard, suffering from a long Covid (January 2022)

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Health – A national digital platform project to ensure better detection of long Covid

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