Health tech: Kaduceo is now focusing on decision-making support

Change of strategy for Kaduceo. The Toulouse startup is reviewing its approach to the market for care establishments, nursing homes and nursing homes. Founded in 2014, the young company has until now offered a software platform to enable these structures to optimize the patient journey.

“But the product has never really caught on the market (…) Optimizing the care pathway could be a future brick, but we have to tackle the market with more accessible things”, admits Cédric Giorgi, the deputy general manager of Kaduceo.

How the startup Kaduceo intends to become a major player in HealthTech

Nevertheless, health tech will remain on the same final offer: optimizing the resources of health establishments. For this, the 14 employees of the startup hosted at the Village by CA in Toulouse have been working for a year on a new software platform dedicated this time to support in decision-making.

“Our ambition with this new tool is to help the extremely complex hospital system, to optimize it and make it as fluid as possible”, comments the manager.

“Better Organization”

Concretely, with this new software platform which is based on an algorithm with artificial intelligence, Kaduceo is particularly aimed at the management of establishments, the management of care, the management of services or even the management of information systems, “who have this organizational weight on them“, believes Cédric Giorgi.

“The final objective is a better organization and distribution of the resources of the user establishment, thanks to optimizations and anticipations, which will make it possible to gain a few percent on the occupancy rate of the beds”, explains the formerly salaried manager. at Sigfox.

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To offer several analysis grids via this new software, Kaduceo’s newborn swallows as data the digitized medical files of patients, GAP files (administrative management for health professionals), the various flows in the hospital, its occupancy rate, patient non-arrivals for example or the live bed occupancy rate.

For the moment, the deployment of this new solution is underway in half a dozen establishments in France, a list that the startup keeps confidential for the moment while specifying that its software is only effective from at least less than 300 beds. Initially, it will be its future users who will have to integrate the data into the health tech software, before this is done automatically thanks to the interoperability of the different platforms that coexist in a health establishment. “It will be an engine running in the background to improve the decision-making aspects of daily life.“, summarizes Cédric Giorgi.

Cyberattacks against healthcare facilities on the rise

Another novelty for Kaduceo’s 2.0 software compared to its first version, the data will no longer leave the user establishment. They are stored on site since it is no longer the Toulouse company that analyzes them, only providing the tools allowing this analysis.

A certainly reassuring aspect for potential customers as the number of cyberattacks against healthcare establishments skyrocket. According to the Digital Health Agency (ANS), 730 cyberattacks were recorded in 2021 on this type of structure, i.e. double the incidents of the same kind in 2020.

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