How AIs will try to improve the performance of Evil Geniuses eSports teams

Analysis of game strategies from past games, implementation of training programs and even recruitment by scanning the servers: HPE software and AI bricks are at the service of the American professional video game team “Evil Geniuses”.

The world champion of supercomputers and servers, the American HPE, has just signed a strange partnership with an eSport team, the Evil Geniuses. Staffing PC point as is generally the custom in the deals IT: HPE is no longer HP, which are two completely separate companies. HPE still makes machines, but either it sends them into space or they are so big and powerful that they top the top 500 supercomputers. No, the case here is less about the hardware than the software, since HPE makes its software available here… and its AIs.

Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest professional eSports teams in the world, since its adventure began in 1999. Coming from a group of gamers Canadian, the team becomes a few years later an American professional team, since their headquarters is in Seattle, in the state of Washington. If the word “siege” sounds like serious business, it’s because it’s a little serious: according to the joint communication from HPE and Evil Geniuses, the team recalls that it has accumulated more than $24 million in earnings. So no need for new PCs, they can afford them themselves. But in addition to the fresh money that HPE injects as sponsors, the American giant highlights above all what it brings to the team: artificial intelligence.

First – and quite surprisingly – recruitment tools. HPE has developed a software suite that analyzes game data (without further details, but we think of League of Legends et consorts) to identify – before the others – talents and other rising stars. On the team building side, these are two bricks that HPE has developed: a training tool and a “developing new strategies”.

While we don’t have details on where the servers made available are, whether it’s a private or public cloud, or even the actual interface of this software, the fact is that a big name in the computing communicates on these software elements. This shows the growing professionalization of eSports. What is understandable when you look at the figures: the competition Dota 2 – The International 2021 saw players from all over the world compete for a prizepool of… $40 millionincluding 18 million for the winning team (five players)!

With such stakes, recruitment, training and strategy can make the difference, especially if Evil Geniuses has the exclusivity of the solution and if… the AIs work really well. Now, knowing all the “advanced” technology that is behind the group, eSports enthusiasts will scrutinize with an even more demanding eye the results of the different teams (Dota 2, LOL, CS:GO, etc.). Let’s hope for HPE that the champions and the AIs are at the level…

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How AIs will try to improve the performance of Evil Geniuses eSports teams

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