Industrial vision: the essential toolbox for experts

Both machine vision and computer vision are information-based systems used for capturing, processing and analyzing images. However, these two types of technologies differ in the speed and level of obtaining, distributing and using information.

Machine vision systems tend to be self-contained, which means image capture and analysis is done directly. The data therefore does not need to be sent to a back-office system to be processed.

At the same time, computer vision is often used as a back-end processing platform for front-line image capture technologies. While this view allows for quick decision-making and execution, the turnaround time tends to be longer due to the depth and volume of data processed by the system.

Data has become as important as code. Any business looking to implement machine vision systems today must decide how best to share and manage image datasets. It’s also about knowing how to use them correctly to deliver quality and actionable results consistently. However, while industry practices exist for code management, progress still needs to be made in image data management.

One of the biggest challenges we face today, whether as a machine vision specialist or as a company looking to implement it, is the correct entry and annotation of data. Now there are new solutions to help industrial imaging professionals think and act like data scientists.

New machine vision systems

High-performance ranges of machine vision cameras and fixed industrial scanners, combined with powerful software, are now available on the market to facilitate the configuration of tracking and tracing solutions, as well as quality inspection.

These are designed from the ground up to be easy to install, deploy and use. This new era of ever-increasing accuracy is the result of years of market research and collaboration with leading users and integrators of stationary industrial scanners and machine vision.

The software should look modern while reducing the number of clicks and mouse movements required for users to deploy a solution. From the first minutes of navigating the software, users should be able to discover new, intuitive ways of working with the images they have captured. Scrollbars are removed, and the interface offers an immersive experience that’s more akin to a photo editor than traditional machine vision software offerings.

Perfection and speed

But frontline workers don’t just need a sleek, modern interface and toolset. Making the navigation process intuitive for machine vision inspection and barcode scanning experts, as well as novice users, is paramount.

First, it is necessary to allow users to adjust the exposure, lighting and mechanism. Then, once done, they should be able to easily add and configure machine vision tools and stationary industrial scanners.

Thus, a user can, for example, create sixteen separate images to ensure that each inspection or barcode reading has the perfect illumination. Often parts are not evenly lit, or inspections are performed at different depths and in different focuses, requiring exposure settings to be changed. DThis way, the user can quickly adjust image settings, pair the tool they need for the inspection, and get a pass/fail response in an instant. He eliminates the need to modify or monitor multiple tasks, and potentially save several hours when deploying a system thanks to this solution.

It may not seem like much, but as the solutions become more sophisticated, the time savings can really become significant.

A powerful toolbox

While simplifying software and project setup is important, the real power of the solution lies in its performance. To benefit from all the advantages of industrial vision, organizations are required to acquire a large library of software that serves as a toolbox. No one uses just a screwdriver to tinker or craft, so why rely on just one vision tool? The goal is to give users the best and most appropriate solutions to meet their business application needs.

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Industrial vision: the essential toolbox for experts

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