Instagram protects its users against abuse

Users with bad intentions and derogatory comments better watch out! instagram today unveils a series of new features aiming to best protect the members of his community It front of adverse interactions. This news promises to reassure many content creators. Back to the new features offered by the social network!

Instagram: a space for sharing and kindness

In the continuity of its efforts which aim to guarantee a benevolent sharing space and safe for all members of its community, Instagram works daily to develop tools. They allow to make the platform a healthier place of expression. Especially for content creators and public figures who are particularly exposed to abuse.

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Many tools offered by Instagram are evolving

Thereby, several tools developed and made available to members of the platform in recent years are now evolving:

Multiple blocking

Now, when a user blocks another community member, they can also automatically block all other accounts already created by that person. This feature is in addition to a previous update. The latter allowed users to preventively block new accounts created by a person.

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New functionality improvements “Hidden Words”

This feature automatically filters requests for direct messages and abusive comments that contain words deemed offensive.

  • Words hidden by default: In order to further protect content creators, who are particularly affected by abuse, Instagram is testing the default integration of the feature Masked words. Especially for people who have a creator account (more than 10,000 subscribers). The feature automatically integrates with all new creator profiles but also with existing ones. They’ll see their settings updated, with an info message through the app letting them know.
  • This feature will also be active in Instagram Stories replies
  • The platform now also detects misspellings of words that may be deemed offensive. And that in all the Latin languages. It also applies to messages that contain scams and spam. This will take place first in English. And it will be gradually rolled out to other languages ​​in the future.

Kindness Reminder

When a user tries to DM a creator (anyone with more than 10,000 followers), they’ll see a message at the bottom of the chat reminding them to be kind and keep following. make Instagram a place of support.

Thumbs up for replying to comments

Instagram will now display a message to people responding to a comment that the platform’s artificial intelligence thinks would be considered offensive in order to encourage them to think before posting. This notification will appear regardless of what the person puts in their response. These warnings are now available for people whose apps are set to English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, or Arabic.

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These are new measures. Instagram continues to work on more ways to protect its members from abuse. And this, while encouraging respectful and caring interactions on the platform. More details are available on the blog post.

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Instagram protects its users against abuse

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