IT integration put to the test of new uses

Founded in 2002, Exaprobe is a player in IT integration. She joined the Econocom group in 2013. Faced with a hybrid work environment that is becoming permanent, Jean-Pierre Chamillard, CEO of Exaprobe, explains the challenges of his sector.

What services does Exaprobe offer?

We buy computer equipment, intended for manufacturers and computer publishers. At the same time, we resell this equipment to customers mainly from the CAC 40 (in the Paris region) and medium-sized companies (in the provinces). This resale is accompanied by an installation, integration and support service. Exaprobe indeed guarantees maintenance in operational condition.

Our activity is concentrated around two main areas: network and cybersecuritythen the smart officebringing together unified communication, collaboration and audiovisual. Exaprobe is also an IT integrator that remains attentive to its market. As such, we are making acquisitions in strategic areas, including cybersecurity. This is why we acquired at the beginning of the year the integrator So-IT, based in the south-west of the territory. It allows us to strengthen our regional pole on this skill.

As an IT integrator, what is your assessment of the past two years?

The use of teleworking has accelerated the digitization of French companies. Some experts even estimate that they have gained between 3 to 7 years on their digital transformation. 85% of them have set up a new organization to facilitate remote work. And for good reason. Teleworking has become a criterion of choice for employees. According to an Opinionway study carried out for Slack in 2021, 38% of employees surveyed said they were ready to leave a company that did not offer telework.

What are the challenges with teleworking?

Teleworking has brought to light several problems. The strong use of the Cloud, initially, implying the need for greater flexibility. We therefore had to adapt to these changes, firstly in terms of use, then socially. We used to work in Device mode. It took rethink our offer taking into account the user’s entire working environment.

The bandwidth has been increased, so that each employee can work in good conditions. Exaprobe increased securing flows and access, as the changing world of work has resulted in more frequent and complex cyberattacks. Previously, our cybersecurity responses focused on protecting our customers. Now our mission is to develop solutions to detect possible problems and fix them quickly.

How do you ensure the cybersecurity of your customers?

In two ways, depending on the maturity of the companies and their resources. First of all, through integration, i.e. by deploying the best protection solutions to guarantee security at the highest level. In addition, securing IT structures also goes through our Go4Secu offer.

It rests on managed services, with the latest cybersecurity offers on the market. Go4Secu provides email and web protection, and offers NDR/MDR solutions. It is therefore intended to be comprehensive and equips companies with a bastion of security. Thanks to artificial intelligence (such as Machine learning or Deep learning), our tools analyze user behavior and adapt to it to protect them and offer them the most appropriate product.

Do you see a particular trend in the IT integration industry?

Today we are faced with an HR problem, namely a lack of competent resources on the French cybersecurity market. This shortage creates tensions, because the supply is less important than the demand.

Companies are struggling to retain talent and attract new talent, leaving thousands of cybersecurity jobs unfilled. This phenomenon is partly explained by the too late opening of engineering cycles and university cycles dedicated to cybersecurity on French soil. This deficit should nevertheless be reduced in the coming years.

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IT integration put to the test of new uses

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