Launch of the National Institute of e-Health

Our mission is to promote the knowledge and development of the digital health ecosystem », Prof. Fabrice DENIS, President of INeS.
While the digital health market is booming, players are facing many challenges:

  • Insufficient e-health education for health students/health personnel/engineers
  • A lack of knowledge of tools and applications for potential prescribers and a lack of means of evaluation for health establishments wishing to deploy them
  • A lack of support structures for projects from the idea to the market
  • An absence of quality labels to support good solutions and inform potential prescribers of these tools/solutions
  • Difficult access to scientific publications for e-health research teams/solution publishers
  • Sources of disparate e-health recommendations/information (HAS, SFSD, learned societies, etc.)

INeS provides its members with a platform for teaching diplomas in e-health with access to University Diplomas in e-health and connected medicine (University of Paris-Cité), in artificial intelligence (University of Burgundy) , Certificates from the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM), and Certificates (Executive/Executive Masters) from INeS. These courses are taught by more than 50 recognized experts in various fields such as artificial intelligence, clinical study methodology, telemedicine, connected tools, development of medical applications, regulation of medical devices, ethical use of data etc. They are particularly accessible to health students, paramedical students (nurses, speech therapists, etc.), health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, nurses), engineers and engineering students moving into digital health.

INeS also offers support to startups and the digital health ecosystem with:

  • An evaluation with labeling of clinical digital solutions by validated evaluation tools (score mdscs) and with its board of 20 experts made up of doctors, academics, researchers, institutions and industrialists to promote access to market, reimbursement, deployment and information for establishments and prescribers.
  • Mentorship of startups by doctors, experts in research and market access in e-health.
  • Simplified access to a methodological and statistical platform for conducting clinical trials and support for high-level international scientific publications by a board of expert reviewers.
  • The rigorous synthesis of recommendations, guidelines, news/survey results and the provision of information/reports from institutions or learned societies.

The National Institute of e-Health offers from its launch a call for applications for its mentoring for which 6 startups will be selected to be accompanied each by a pair of INeS Mentors over a period of 6 months in order to accelerate the development and delivery of their solution. The eligibility criteria can be viewed on the website.

Regarding the evaluation of clinical quality, publishers of an already available solution can evaluate it via the online pre-selection and evaluation tool built with 130 publishers, patient federations, doctors and authorities. health. This score allows in particular:

  • guide solution designers towards the best R&D choices
  • to help in the choice and comparison of solutions by an establishment or a prescriber or a federation of patients with relevant and evolving reproducible criteria
  • to have common evaluation criteria
  • calculate a repayment probability
  • the Institute’s experts to select solutions in order to obtain the INeS label for digital clinical health solutions with 2 levels of distinction:
    • the “high potential solution” label for promising solutions under development and showing high potential in terms of clinical relevance and benefits for patients
    • the “solution with a high level of clinical evaluation” label for solutions at a more advanced stage of clinical development and possibly candidates for reimbursement.

INeS has its headquarters at the Inter-Regional Cancer Institute of Le Mans and will collaborate in particular with its support structure for clinical studies in e-health (Weprom) to enable start-ups to carry out clinical studies to validate their digital health tool.

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Launch of the National Institute of e-Health

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