Mediakwest – Salesforce and AWS Unite to Help Content Distributors Deploy Their Streaming Offerings

Salesforce and AWS unveil a customizable, scalable, and easy-to-deploy direct-to-consumer (D2C) solution with a new generation of tools that make it easier to deliver and monetize video content…

This joint offering provides content distributors with real-time data and feedback, enabling them to better understand how viewers interact with their programs, including where they click and when they pause. The partnership combines the respective technologies of Saleforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) platforms: the end-to-end solution developed by Salesforce for subscriber management, which mobilizes artificial intelligence (AI) for the functions of data analysis and personalization; and AWS’ extensive content, data, analytics, AI, and machine learning resources.

Building and growing a cost-effective D2C streaming service that can help content distributors manage their subscribers is a complex task. Today’s distributors face many challenges in order to attract and retain diverse audiences while delivering high-quality video content. To help overcome some of these challenges, the D2C solution offered by Salesforce and AWS brings together high-quality video streaming technology and viewer analytics tools to help content distributors deliver better experiences. personalized. This combination opens many doors for targeted marketing, tailored recommendations and bundles, and more.

The partnership between Salesforce and AWS has created a complete, media industry-specific solution designed for video and streaming services. So content distributors can boost their existing capabilities while quickly launching new offerings such as subscriptions and bundled products. says Christopher Dean, Head of Media, Entertainment and Media Cloud at Salesforce. By combining our talents, we have developed a series of AI-based user journeys and scalable tools for content management; this allows us to help studios, streamers, and other distributors satisfy viewers hungry for personalized content. »

Salesforce and AWS Tools for Creating D2C Subscriptions: Unique Benefits for Content Distributors

Available worldwide, the joint offer offers the following advantages:

● More integrated and personalized experiences: Content distributors can personalize the user experience while attracting new subscribers, generating additional revenue and retaining subscribers. A subscription streaming service can thus recommend pay-per-view content, for example a car racing championship. Car enthusiasts are therefore offered a tailor-made experience, while the content distributor adds new distribution methods to its existing subscriptions.

● Increased retention through richer viewer data: Content distributors can better understand how their subscribers interact with programs by analyzing subscriber clicks and “likes” or “dislikes” in response to specific recommendations. Based on this information, they can then adjust their communication campaigns and thus attract long-term subscribers. For example, offering fitness videos, seeing a decline in a subscriber’s activity, offering new classes given by that subscriber’s favorite trainer to boost activity and reduce churn.

● A configurable platform that encourages innovation: content distributors can now examine the entire journey of their subscribers, including the list of content they have watched since their first days. They can thus launch new commercial experiences and organize targeted product placements in order to reinforce their monetization. For example, a brand can place a product in a video linked to it, and the viewer can be offered to buy the product while watching the content.

As our solution evolves, Salesforce will continue to work with AWS and encourage the industry as a whole to strengthen integration between subscriber management and D2C content distribution to identify and engage viewers, facilitating monetization. and making it more efficient explains Christopher Dean.

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Several major media players are already using the Salesforce and AWS solution to create innovative offers

Salesforce and AWS technologies are driving innovation and transformation at industry giants – including NBC Universal – by engaging subscribers, making them more active, and reducing the costs of operating a D2C streaming service.

Thanks to this new joint offer, content distributors of all sizes will be able to launch innovative, scalable and profitable offers, while meeting a significant demand for content.

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Mediakwest – Salesforce and AWS Unite to Help Content Distributors Deploy Their Streaming Offerings

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