Occupational health and safety: digital is gaining ground

The pandemic will at least have had the merit of shining the spotlight on occupational health and safety. “Companies have become aware that they need digital tools to manage the subject, set up preventive actions and communicate in real time with their teams., explains Jean-Philippe Cravéa, director of ‘digital’ sales at Ayming (operational consulting in performance).

A new context coupled with a new law – that of August 2, 2021 to strengthen health prevention at work, which came into force on March 31 (see below) – from which the Acciline+ platform of the consulting group benefits. This SaaS solution piloting of occupational hazards and some health and security today covers some 4.5 million employees in France and abroad (compared to 3.2 million in 2020), “rather in large and multi-site companies, where digitalization and interoperability between systems are even more necessary”, says Jean-Philippe Cravéa.

Indicators and dashboards

The tool includes a base pedestal that interfaces with the HRIS of the company. It makes it possible to recover the structure of the organization, to pilot the indicators and the action plans. And includes a document management application to centralize documents, which can be shared by the users concerned: human resources, health and safety managers. The company can then add different functional modules to it according to its needs: event management (including remote declaration of work accident via Net Entreprises), management of theabsenteeismmanagement of training and health and safety authorizations, tree of causes (search for factors at the origin of an accident), risk assessment (with the creation and updating of the Single Occupational Risk Assessment DocumentDUERP), regulatory monitoring Health Safety Environment (HSE), management of equipment and their compliance.

“The purpose of the tool is to offer Dashboards with reliable indicators that make it possible to analyze the information, and to build and monitor corrective and preventive actions”, summarizes the sales manager. The solution now covers around thirty countries, in around twenty languages. “And we are able to meet local regulatory requirements.” A mobile appMyacci+, also allows field managers, for example on construction sites, to report all dangerous situations and to check the training and authorizations of employees by scanning QR codes.

An offer for VSEs-SMEs

The price? “We currently operate on the principle of an annual subscription depending on the number of users and functional modules, to which must be added the initial cost of implementation”, says Jean-Philippe Cravéa. Depending on the size of the company, the implementation time varies between three and four months.

New mods – chemical risk management, co-activity (when the company uses service providers)… – will soon enrich the platform. Which continues, at the same time, its international development and will eventually rely on big data andartificial intelligence to provide predictive analytics.

Last axis of development: “Last November, we entered into a partnership with the Apave group (risk management specialist, editor’s note) to offer VSEs-SMEs a offer of advice and a streamlined digital solution (‘Pilot Santé Sécurité powered by Acciline+’) dedicated to risk assessment and the development of the single document, as well as the management of claims”.

Helene Truffaut

Prevention in business: something new!

The Occupational Health Services become the Occupational Health and Prevention Services (SPST) and their missions are extensive: assessment and prevention of occupational risks, actions to promote health in the workplace, vaccination and screening campaigns, advice on teleworking conditions, etc.

The development of DUERP no longer falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the employer. It must establish it by associating the occupational health referents, the prevention and occupational health services and the Social and Economic Committee (CSE). The methods relating to the assessment of chemical risks are modified to take into account multiple exposure situations. And the document must be kept for at least 40 years. It is accessible to employees and former employees of the company (see the decree n° 2022-395 of March 18, 2022).

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Occupational health and safety: digital is gaining ground

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