OpenText introduces Cloud Editions 22.4 and Project Titanium

Unveiled Innovations Deliver on OpenText’s Commitment to Enable Every Person or Business to Gain the Information Advantage

At OpenText World, OpenText™ announces Cloud Editions 22.4 (CE 22.4), a series of impactful innovations advancing the company’s Project Titanium, which aims to deliver a comprehensive, integrated information management solution in the cloud. By empowering public and private cloud offerings, CE 22.4 innovations unlock tremendous value for enterprises, empowering them with the tools, solutions, and confidence to help them overcome their biggest challenges and excel in a world where change is accelerating.

OpenText enables companies to boost their digital transformation and prepare for the critical and growing demands of digital work environments, environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, or even artificial intelligence. commented Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO and CTO of OpenText. ” Cloud Editions 22.4 represents a major step on the road to comprehensive and integrated information management in the cloud. Titanium, our next-generation cloud platform, will help our customers accelerate their cloud-based digital transformation and future AI applications. »

CE 22.4 helps improve customer engagement and responsiveness

Customer experience is critically important in today’s digital world. In a recent international survey by OpenText, eight in ten respondents (80%) say they suffer from information overload. To alleviate this environment, it is essential that companies personalize every web experience and communication, providing consumers with the right content at the right time and through the right channel. In CE 22.4, new capabilities in the OpenText Experience Cloud make it faster and easier to improve relevance, consistency, and responsiveness across the customer journey through two new essential solutions for solving customer experience management (CXM, Customer Experience Management) and digital experience management (DXM, Digital Experience Management). Available in a unified environment, these solutions combine the core functionality of OpenText Exstream (CCM), TeamSite (WCM/CMS), Media Management (DAM), Experience CDP and Core Experience Insights applications into a composable, ready-to-use platform. to work.

Additional enhancements to OpenText™ Exstream and OpenText™ TeamSite are key to the new Experience Cloud solutions. OpenText™ Exstream accelerates the deployment of digital communications across channels and formats with seamless integration of electronic signature processing into Core Signature, as well as automated archiving into OpenText InfoArchive. Other new features include “no-code” components of dynamic graphics and displays to enhance the visual appeal of communications. OpenText™ TeamSite is at the heart of every customer experience platform: 22.4 offers the ability to configure and compose specific intelligent digital work environments to improve productivity and surface relevant data to optimize decision-making. If we add a new integration with Google BigQuery, web developers and content creators will be able to benefit from dynamic data processing by AI and Machine Learning to offer more personalized and relevant experiences and communications.

CE 22.4 equips companies with smarter, simpler and more efficient solutions to master new working environments

OpenText is committed to enabling businesses in all industries to gain the information advantage through seamless, automated, and simplified experiences. CE 22.4 brings them various innovations to excel in digital working environments. This simplification relates in particular to access to content according to possible needs, thanks to OpenText™ Core Content and its new integration with Microsoft®. Consumers can now open or save documents in Core Content, directly from Microsoft Office desktop applications, and also view, edit or co-author without leaving Core Content, increasing productivity without compromising integrity.

Staying ahead of the curve, without compromising on security, becomes easier with OpenText™ Extended ECM’s ready-to-use business scenario models. The latest addition to the growing Business Process Library, the new Real Estate Management Business Scenario tool optimizes the management of real estate assets scattered around the world, a time-consuming task faced by many large companies. Extended ECM also improves compatibility with SAP applications by supporting SAP S/4HANA Harmonized Document Management, standardizing integrations for faster return on investment with fewer resources.

Additionally, OpenText continues to manage eDiscovery risks, enhancing OpenText™ Axcelerate to improve the productivity of legal teams. To optimize project monitoring and reporting, CE 22.4 introduces a new configurable dashboard and reporting framework for Axcelerate based on the Magellan Business Intelligence & Reporting (MBIR) platform, featuring various new features designed to accelerate decision-making and facilitate cost control. This functionality, which avoids the use of additional third-party tools, is offered at no additional cost.

In an effort to make OpenText Business Network accessible to businesses of all sizes, the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Order to Cash Adapter Kit for OpenText Business Network Cloud Foundation enables midsize businesses with limited in-house EDI skills, to exchange with their main trading partners, in electronic form, documents ranging from the order to the payment. Companies can now benefit from a scalable B2B integration environment that can meet changing business needs and help optimize order fulfillment processes through seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

CE 22.4: reliable solutions to improve cyber resilience in a disruptive world

Faced with the complexity of the digital world, the informational advantage allows access to information through comprehensive forensic investigation tools. With CE 22.4, OpenText continues to modernize this type of investigations, bringing to OpenText™ EnCase Forensic and OpenText™ EnCase Endpoint Investigator improvements such as new cloud connectors for Facebook Messenger, Slack and Microsoft 365 Archive, optimized workflows and even Mac collections. In addition, to strengthen threat detection and incident response, OpenText™ EnCase Endpoint Security now provides the ability to detect non-VPN anomalies and manage automated, personalized responses. CE 22.4 finally delivers scalable network visibility by accelerating external packet capture and analysis (PCAP) with OpenText™ Network Detection & Response.

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OpenText introduces Cloud Editions 22.4 and Project Titanium

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