Orange Bank test: a mobile bank designed for the smartphone?

Apart from its new pro offer resulting from the takeover of Anytime, which we will discuss in a future test, Orange Bank essentially offers three types of accounts. A basic offer called Standard with an international bank card with immediate debit, free provided you use your card at least once a month (otherwise the month is charged €2) and a Premium offer that the operator presents as equivalent to the offers Metal from its competitors, even if the card is made of plastic, “but cheaper”. This Premium offer is available in a single Premium card (at €7.99 per month, or €4.99 per month for one year then €7.99/month for 18/25 year olds), and a Premium pack at destination of the family. The latter has no equivalent in other online banks. This is a joint offer for two adults and up to 5 children aged 10-17. Charged at €12.99 per month (and €7.99 for the first three months), this pack includes: one account per Premium cardholder (independent of each other), two Premium cards for adults, one card with a dedicated account for children.

These “adolescent” accounts have the particularity of not being controllable by a single adult, but by two people and these can vary according to the family situation. Thus, in a blended family, each child can have their two biological parents co-pilot their bank account, or choose another trusted adult (an aunt or guardian, for example). Children’s accounts also offer the creation of piggy banks to teach them how to save for their projects. Apart from the special features of the pack, Orange’s Premium offer offers classic insurance and protection services associated with top-of-the-range bank cards, travel facilities (free payments and cash withdrawals anywhere in the world) and cashback on purchases made with the card at partners.

A limited savings offer

For the rest of the banking offer, Orange Bank typically offers a savings account at 0.2% gross available from a Premium subscription, and personal, car and work loans directly in its offer. Mortgage is possible, but in reality it is then a question of putting the Orange customer in contact with a broker and accompanying him in a subscription with a competitor.

An operator bank, Orange Bank is also distinguished by its integration of services specific to smartphones in its offer. Thus, in addition to the fact that Orange Bank is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, the bank also integrates certain features from Orange Money, such as the transfer to a third party by SMS or the request for money by SMS between individuals, which currently replaces the instant transfer offered by some other banks. It is also possible to fund your account very quickly by credit card. This solution is also preferred by customers who subscribe to an Orange Bank offer in an Orange store — in parallel with another service subscription from the operator or a credit purchase of a device — and who will use their Orange account Bank as a secondary bank. The others, those who subscribe directly online or from the application, are looking for a main bank, even if it means favoring a paid formula.

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Orange Bank test: a mobile bank designed for the smartphone?

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