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We announce the opening of the office parisian from Vidmob this summer. We interviewed Plum NouvionResponsible for Southern Europe, VidMobfor more information.

VidMob in a nutshell?

VidMob is a leader in creative intelligence. Our solutions enable brands to understand the DNA of their advertising efforts, using real-time intelligent analytics to produce granular insights into the success of every creative element in an ad, from audio pacing to color contrast, to to identify the fastest path to effective creations.

Which markets? What opportunities?

Our international expansion has accelerated rapidly with the opening of offices in London and, more recently, in Paris. With teams on the ground in all regions, we can provide localized support at all levels and offer companies in-depth expertise on the creative approach best suited to specific business objectives.

In addition, we are constantly on the lookout for emerging growth areas and ways to deliver more value. This summer, we expanded our toolkit with VidMob AR, which meets demand for technologies brands can use to create immersive and engaging augmented reality experiences. Covering the development, testing and improvement of creation, this solution facilitates the configuration of creativity for mixed physical and digital interaction and it is set to become vital for successful engagements in the metaverse where innovation does not exist. never stop.

Why a fundraising of 110 million?

Adoption of our technology has skyrocketed amid growing demand for deeper creative insight, with an annual revenue growth rate of 110% over the past four years. Today, we recognize the urgent need to scale up our operations. With pressure to deliver escalating and increasingly tight budgets, brands can’t afford to waste their budgets on activities that don’t hit the mark, or worse, hurt customer relationships. consumers.

Our recent investments demonstrate the importance of sophisticated campaign and creative management. Despite the turmoil in the global economy, our investors recognize that advancing creative capabilities is more critical than ever. With these additional resources, we intend to continue to grow our platform and reach, giving more brands the ability to accurately measure and maximize their advertising performance while refining their creativity.

What are your ambitions in France?

France is known to be a technological hub and a booming center of creativity. Through our connections to regional teams at major brands such as L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate, VidMob has already been able to experience the varied and innovative culture of the market, but today the growing interest in a wider range of advertisers broadens our regional horizons. Short-term ambitions are largely based on consolidating and amplifying this growth, in particular by democratizing access to cutting-edge smart tools and bringing together a strong team to showcase them.

What is creative intelligence?

Creative intelligence is the result of deciphering the mechanisms and nuances behind the success or failure of a campaign. By evaluating the visual, text and sound elements of the ad creative, easy-to-use data is generated in minutes through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as machine learning (ML), including computer vision, natural language processing and optical character recognition. Step-by-step analysis, based on creative intelligence, can then determine the performance of each element of the ad, allowing brands to base their decisions on reliable information, not guesswork or instincts.

What information can you provide advertisers regarding ROI?

As well as informing smarter creative productions, smart analytics provides a clearer view of what makes ads successful, the importance of this analytics is growing as older tools like third-party cookies are eliminated. When evaluated in tandem with first-party metrics like clicks and purchases, it allows brands to directly link specific creative elements to desirable outcomes.

For example, a personalized gift company used VidMob’s platform to analyze an old ad catalog to gain key insights into performance. For this brand, using mannequins maximizes advertising effectiveness when those mannequins express “happy” and “calm” emotions while looking down or forward. Leveraging this insight for creative optimization resulted in a 22.9% increase in conversion rate and 2.4% increase in ROAS.

Brands that measure these nuances gain not only a meticulous understanding of the levers to pull for greater impact, but also the elements needed to quantify the value of creative assets and investments. And all this makes it possible to work much faster; VidMob helped a large BCE (consumer packaged goods) company quickly discover what elements of their campaigns are working and the feedback process went from an average of 52 weeks to just six weeks.

What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)?

VidMob’s solutions provide creative insights that help achieve an array of KPIs related to high-level branding metrics such as click benchmarks as well as performance-related metrics such as conversion and click-through rate. For example, VidMob enabled a leading beauty company to achieve a 22% increase in KPI for viewing rates, while a leading retail company saw a 33% increase in its KPI for return on ad spend.

Which VidMob departments do you work with and design the creatives?

VidMob works closely with marketing, content and media departments to develop the insights needed to make smart creative decisions. With a team of 8,000 expert creators globally, we can also work with our partner brands to produce campaign content in line with the latest digital best practices, using real-time quality assurance metrics to deliver creatives. the most effective.

Which advertisers?

As mentioned earlier, we are proud to count many top brands among our long-time customers. Companies like Burger King have long used our creative platform to enhance their video campaigns with strategic adjustments, while Hyundai was one of the first brands to use our augmented reality solution to ensure the real car experience translates effectively in the virtual world. We’re the only company to have received a partner badge from all major social players, and we’re also proud of our strong relationships with YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

An example campaign?

Pioneering beer brand Corona wanted to develop and test different hypotheses of social success based on a large body of data and evaluated against defined measures of public interest while getting the most out of its assets. existing.

VidMob used advanced analytics tools to identify aspects of the creative that had previously helped or hindered content performance by using data to identify combinations that could drive high awareness on Facebook and YouTube and adjusting creatives accordingly. result. Video view rates (VTR) were constantly tracked to gauge effectiveness and guide live adjustments to increase impact. For example, contrary to what one might think, ads with ambient sound performed less well than those using voice-overs. Therefore, rather than starting with attention-grabbing audio tracks, Corona decided to layer female vocals after finding that this type of sound and tone particularly increased listenership.

The end results of the campaign speak for themselves: compared to the control, VidMob-powered ads increased three-second VTR by 21% on Facebook, while gains on YouTube reached viewing levels of over 141 %.

Any creative insights to share with us?

Our recent research revealed that individual creative elements resonate differently for brands across industries. Beauty brands on Facebook and Instagram, for example, see their performance increase by 60% when using cool colors in their ads, while personal care brands generate 40% increases with warmer colors. On Snap, on the other hand, ad creatives for financial services can see their display rate increase by 175% when text occupies less than 5% of the screen, while entertainment ads see a 23% increase in the same case. As economic pressures put marketing budgets under scrutiny, brands need to make sure they invest wisely by tailoring creatives to their environment with industry-specific insights.

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Prune Nouvion (VidMob): To increase campaign performance, brands need to tailor creatives with industry-specific insights | Viuz

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