Recruitment: why robots can’t do it for us

If big data and artificial intelligence assist humans in the digital sphere, these tools will not be able to take our place in corporate recruitment. An HR management professor explains why.

Progress : too robotic to be truesaid the poet Jacques Prevert. And if the new technologies took our place in society? What a shame for a director of human resources (HRD) of make your choice on a candidate, then to see this one fail once in office. According to one study carried out by the recruitment firm Robert Half, 71% of French HRDs have already hired a candidate who did not satisfy them not entirely”, quote the newspaper Le Figaro.

A huge figure, which shows once again that recruitment is a stage tedious and sharp. As advanced as our technological tools? Even if the appeal of big data and of artificial intelligence is large, it would be a mistake to place it in the sphere of human resources, explains Jean Pralong, professor of HR management. For him, robots can never replace us in the recruitmentjust because “it’s not an exact science“.

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Irreplaceable humans

If we would like to be able to entrust application management to our digital tools, certain tasks will always be reserved for humans. Casting mistakes in business? It’s our business, explains Jean Pralong.The arrival of the web has not changed that. Some digital tools bring improvements, while others go in the wrong direction…“, explains the French researcher to the newspaper. For example, the personality tests predictive : these aim to “anticipate the fit between a future employee and his future team” even before the interview. For him, these tests have no place in recruitment, being “irrationality disguised as a technical tool“, he asserts.

Although the statistics collected via job sites and platforms such as LinkedIn are useful, they are not the guarantee of the ideal candidate. For Jean Pralong, there is a fundamentally human bias, assuming that “we are not not ready at trust only numbers to recruit“, he explains to Figaro. Finally, even if there are disillusions in human resources, men will always have to rely on themselves.


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Recruitment: why robots can’t do it for us

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