Samsara deciphers the advantages of digitization for companies

samsaracloud specialist supporting companies in the exploitation of digital data, delivers the figures of The State of Connected Operations 2022, its survey aimed at understanding the interest for companies managing physical operations (logistics, distribution, consumer goods) to digitize. The study was conducted by interviewing 1,500 companies worldwide, including 200 French. As a result, the more a company is digitized, the more it feels a positive impact on competitiveness and resilience, efficiency and employee satisfaction, as well as the implementation of an ESG policy.

Competitiveness and resilience

“Companies have been evolving in recent years in a particularly unstable economic and operational environment”, recalls Valentin Chanmala, director of Samsara France. The transport and logistics sector has faced difficult challenges, and certain tensions persist. Thus, the French companies surveyed indicate that they are still suffering from delays and disruptions in supply (50%), labor shortages (44%), reduction in margins (44%), and price increases on fuel (41%). Despite this restrictive context, almost all French companies say that the digitization of their operations has enabled them to grow. 94% said it made them stronger in the face of disruption, and 90% said it improved their profitability. 56% have deployed digital instruments to control the consumption of their fleets, and 55% have acquired route optimization tools. Artificial intelligence and automation are on the rise. 64% of companies indicate that they will deploy it between now and the end of the year, and 27% plan it for next year. In summary, in a year and a half, more than 90% of the French companies surveyed will benefit from the latest technologies for their activities.

Employee efficiency and satisfaction

89% of companies that have deployed AI or automation technologies find that it has increased employee loyalty. “While technology has greatly modernized the employee experience in many industries, the employees who keep physical operations running smoothly – truck drivers, on-site technicians, warehouse operators, etc. – have historically been less concerned. We are now seeing a tipping point and the rapid development of digital tools allowing these employees in the field to manage many more operations remotely and in an automated manner. This clearly contributes to their satisfaction, efficiency and loyalty », observes Valentin Chanmala. Companies say they derive many benefits from providing connected technologies to their employees: improved efficiency compared to the competition (52% of them), improved engagement (44%), increased trust (49%), and better recruitment capacity (41%). In addition, the use of easy-to-use digital tools (57%) and improved workplace safety (55%) seem to promote recruitment and worker loyalty.

ESG policies made easy

99% of the French companies consulted for the study have embarked on a sustainable development program, or plan to start one in two years. Digitization allows them to set up dedicated performance indicators. “Customers and employees today expect companies to be responsible for the impacts of their operations, and to proactively contribute to improving social well-being and the environment. It is now a factor of competitiveness: companies have the responsibility to move towards a more sustainable system, and to benefit from it. Just as digitalization has allowed them to get through major crises over the past two years, it is the digitalization of operations that will allow them to become impact companies”explains Valentin Chanmala.

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Samsara deciphers the advantages of digitization for companies

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