Spie Batignolles deploys AI with CAD.42

Spie Batignolles and CAD.42 unveil a 3-year partnership agreement for the co-development of new site services, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology powered by data captured on the cranes of the Spie Batignolles projects.

On December 1, 2022, on the occasion of the Spie Batignolles Digital Days, Alexis Hermet, Director of Production Quality and Technical Innovation at Spie Batignolles and Jean-Philippe Panaget, President of CAD.42, formalized a partnership agreement which “responds to our continuous quest for solutions to optimize our machinery and our processes to improve productivity, logistics and planning”, specifies Alexis Hermet. “It is both an opportunity to massively enrich the database used by our artificial intelligence algorithms, but also to co-construct tomorrow’s services for construction sites, and price methods/studies”, adds Jean-Philippe Panaget.

The collaboration between the two partners dates back to early 2021. As part of a POC (Proof of Concept), a first site of the construction branch of Spie Batignolles was equipped with a box connected to the cloud, designed by CAD.42 , in order to monitor the use of the crane. This integrated 3 technologies: 1 geolocation sensor to measure in real time all movements of a crane during a day; 1 dynamometric sensor, a technology for measuring the weight lifted; 1 technology for visual identification of crane loads (panel form, concrete bucket, prefabricated beam, etc.). The crossing of these 3 sensors made it possible to collect valuable data on the operation of the crane and to identify developments to be initiated, in particular the link with the BIM 4D (planning) or the development of dashboards.

As part of this partnership, a project team has been set up, bringing together employees from both Spie Batignolles and CAD.42. The protocol provides for the acquisition by Spie Batignolles of additional smart boxes with the aim of massifying the data feeding the AI ​​technology. In particular, they are equipped with photographic cells supplying an exhaustive photo library, one of the main objectives being, in the long term, the recognition of all the materials and equipment lifted by the crane. These boxes will be deployed on several construction sites led by the Group throughout France.

The project team will then be responsible for analyzing the data received by each of the equipped cranes, using the daily reports from the crane, and jointly advancing this solution. This work will make it possible to perfect the operation and co-develop new functionalities.

“It’s the crane that sets the pace of a construction site. However, we do not currently use instant data from the crane to measure the performance and productivity of a site. Our collaboration with CAD.42 aims to better understand the operation of our cranes thanks to particularly precise cross-data. This will allow us to optimize its use, such as reducing empty travel times, or even performing automated chrono-analyses. The productivity dashboards will be valuable decision-making tools for our work and continuous improvement managers in order to define and make our standards and unit time libraries more reliable. », Details Alexis Hermet.

Beyond construction, tests with connected boxes are already underway for additional uses such as crane interference management at Spie Batignolles Fondations and Spie Batignolles Génie Civil.

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Spie Batignolles deploys AI with CAD.42

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