Swimming pools, verandas, garden sheds… Remember to declare them to the tax authorities

Whether it is a swimming pool, a veranda or a garden shed, the exterior work must be declared to the tax authorities before enjoying it without fear of a fine.

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Even if the preliminary steps are reduced compared to a construction, the external work must be declared before benefiting from it without fear of the fine. Any construction fixed to the ground (without the possibility of moving it without demolishing it) must be declared to the tax authorities, at the latest 90 days after the completion of the work.

This therefore concerns extensions, garages, verandas and buried or semi-buried swimming pools, etc. In most cases, you will have to pay a development tax, which mainly allows the financing of municipal and intermunicipal public facilities (networks, roads) from which these future constructions (or developments) will benefit. It is calculated on a basis which depends on the equipment concerned. In addition, such constructions have an effect on the rental value of a property and they therefore increase the property tax and, if they concern a second home, they have an impact on the housing tax.

10 million euros already recovered

The experiment, launched in 2021 by the Ministry of Finance in nine departments, to identify undeclared swimming pools using artificial intelligence software based on IGN footage and Google tools, made it possible to detect more than 20,000 additional pools and recover nearly 10 million euros.

This system will therefore be generalized from autumn 2022 for swimming pools and a new experiment is planned to track down other undeclared goods and in particular extensions such as verandas, large garden sheds, car boxes or still some pergolas.

Finally, there is no declaration to be made in the event of the construction of an outdoor terrace on one level, that is to say not raised or very slightly raised. It should be remembered that those with elevation require a building permit.

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Swimming pools, verandas, garden sheds… Remember to declare them to the tax authorities

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