The discreet role of Israel. The FIFA World Cup in Qatar, highly secure.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar: “highly guarded stadiums (150,000 CCTV cameras) and patrolled by thousands of security agents, foreign special forces, plainclothes police and sniffer dogs”.

Israeli sources: “We learn from a Qatari newspaper that the security of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been entrusted to Israeli companies, for a contract valued at 2 billion dollars.

The Qatari newspaper claimed that Israeli security specialists holding another foreign passport were implicated in Qatar. The Qatari government has also reportedly promised Israeli security companies a financial bonus of 5% of tickets sold.

It is not the first time that Gulf princes and Israeli companies have done business together, but in general it is kept confidential to avoid political problems. And the deals are concluded via entities based in tax havens in order to keep the curious away.

While Qatar severed relations with Israel in 2009 following Operation Cast Lead against Gaza, secret relations have been maintained at the highest level. Moreover, every opportunity to meet Qatari officials is not neglected. “.

MOST. Qatar and the Jewish state have always had “low-level” diplomatic cooperation. For the past year, regular meetings between Israeli and Qatari military officials have taken place in an American military air base, installed in Qatar, which consolidates the rapprochement between Israel and Qatar.

That’s a fact. Israel and Qatar meet at Centcom, the headquarters of US forces in the Middle East located in Al Udeid, Qatar.

Qatar has long been developing international cooperation to meet certain challenges such as managing the terrorist threat, hooliganism, crowd movements, cyberattacks. CCTV and facial recognition software are commonly used in Qatar.

No one escapes it. With thousands of facial recognition cameras and state-of-the-art algorithmic techniques, the sporting event is accompanied by an unprecedented deployment of surveillance technologies. And is part of the long history of sporting events with powerful security control of populations.

Israeli facial recognition know-how is present in Qatar via American and European intermediary firms, but remains very discreet. Business secrecy required.

Israel has long encouraged the security and technology sector to produce algorithms and surveillance tools. For 20 years, several hundred video surveillance cameras (CCTV) have been installed in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In 2015, a video surveillance system was widely extended and today the facial recognition technology is widespread and no longer surprises anyone.


AnyVision. Created in 2015, the start-up uses smart cameras that index and analyze information using AI and deep learning to identify people by their faces. The company is also developing related technologies such as temperature monitoring systems (in line with current concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic), to detect people with high temperatures in a crowd.

AnyVision, which offers biometric recognition technology using artificial intelligence technologies, recently announced a $235 million funding round. Led by SoftBank, the financing has enabled the start-up, which has in the past been let go by its partners such as Microsoft, to develop its offer and export to new markets. Is Qatar concerned? Certainly.

AnyVision’s innovations in AI recognition have helped transform passive cameras into proactive security systems and enabled organizations to take a more holistic view of advanced security threats“, said AnyVision CEO Avi Golan recently.

According to non-Israeli sources, “photo processing and artificial intelligence technologies exist within the Israeli security services which provide a very clear image that can be used by the security forces”. Has the technology been transferred to Qatar? Very probably.

Israelis in QATAR. Proofs.

A. SDEMA. According to Ynet: “The Israeli security company Sdema Group has been awarded a contract with the Qatari authorities with a view to securing the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The leaders of Sdema had relied on two Israelis to win a contract worth several tens of millions of euros to ensure the security of the Qatari installations. But the Israeli Ministry of Defense, worried about seeing too sensitive software installed in Qatar, decided to reduce the final scope of the contract.

B. NSO. According to Intelligence Online “Herzliya’s Interception Specialist NSO Group has worked for the emirate for a long time, notably alongside the Gamma Groupthe software publisher FinFisher ».

C. Another cyber intrusion tool provider has recently approached Qatar, the company Israeli Candiru founded by isaac zack. The latter has just added a minority stake in its capital to a fund linked to the Qatar Investment Authority.

D.EMIR. According to a professional press article: “a small contract to equip the personal aircraft of the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani with Israeli countermeasures was signed recently.”

E. DIAMONDS. Israel and Qatar have reached a commercial agreement on the diamond trade that will give the Gulf peninsular monarchy the opportunity to enter the list of countries active in the diamond market.

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The discreet role of Israel. The FIFA World Cup in Qatar, highly secure.

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