The Espace des marques is redesigning its customer journey within its search engine

The e-commerce platform of the Espace des marques has chosen a search engine dedicated to personalized retail to boost its online sales. It is the tool developed by Sensefuel which is used. Now is the time to redesign the customer journey using the search engine.

Reinforcement of the experience offered in the “search engine” layer

From now on, we are planning a redesign of our e-commerce site. In this context, we want to strengthen the experience offered in the Sensefuel research layer [NDLR : la couche de recherche apportée par Sensefuel sur le site e-commerce] adding some features announces Vanessa Gadé, e-commerce manager at Espace des Marques.

The goal is to realize the entire buying journey in the search experience”

The objective is to capitalize on the search experience to be able to carry out the entire purchase journey, directly within the results to refine, see the commercial operations, add to the basket, see other products, without leaving of the motor “describes the manager.

Sensefuel is a publisher of product search and exploration solutions focused on retail and e-commerce players. L’Espace des marques wants to offer items from major brands at affordable prices. To date, in addition to the sales made in its 11 stores, its e-commerce site registers 1200 orders daily.

The challenge was to offer mobile search tools

L’Espace des marques relies on a catalog of attractive products at affordable prices and wants to offer Internet users a fluid and precise user experience. In order to encourage visitors to place an order, the e-commerce site wants to put in place binding reinsurance mechanisms. One of the major challenges of the project was to improve the mobile experience and to offer “Search” tools adapted to this channel, knowing that nearly 80% of the traffic on the site comes from smartphones.

“It is not always easy to find the product by browsing the site”

Our product catalog is quite complex. Some of our products are more categorized in fashion, some in sports, some can be in both describes Vanessa Gadé, “ It is therefore not always easy to find the product by browsing the site. In this context, the search engine becomes essential for our customers to find and buy our products. ” she says. ” Moreover, we felt that our old search engine had reached its limits in terms of relevance and experience, especially on mobile. she adds.

It is in this context that the Sensefuel search engine was selected. The objective is to offer the right product to the right person thanks to artificial intelligence. The consumer, through the search engine, the qualification filters and the suggestions displayed, must be able to have a relevant purchasing experience and access products in line with their expectations. ” Sensefuel has breathed new life into the search mode historically offered by the old tool » is the opinion of the Espace des marques.

The tool learns from the behavior of Internet users on the site

The tool manages itself. It self-learns behaviors on the site, analyzes the catalog and optimizes search results continues Vanessa Gadé. ” We don’t need to monopolize collaborators to fix the solution. We can concentrate fully on our commercial animation she rejoices. L’Espace des marques reports very positive customer feedback quickly, with a much smoother experience, especially on mobile. The merchant announces an increase in conversion from search as soon as the project is launched.

The Espace des marques is redesigning its customer journey within

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The Espace des marques is redesigning its customer journey within its search engine

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