The list of the easiest and most intuitive free online invoicing software

In the digital world, the free necessarily calls for the paying. Online invoicing software is there to support you in your first steps as an entrepreneur, whether you are a VSE or SME. The interest is to accompany you in your monthly accounting and that you can grow alongside it until you complete your client portfolio.

Once the most pleasant and comfortable solution has been adopted, it is certain that one day you will move on to the paid or premium formula. This is the ultimate goal of the companies behind its free offers.

Indeed, it makes sense to have a free formula starting with two customers and then to pay a monthly fee when you exceed ten. This article is therefore here to offer you a summary of free online invoicing software to get started with ease.

Coover: make invoices online for free without creating a customer account

Coover is really a tool that makes it easier when you do bills from time to time. No need to create an account or fill in excessive fields. The artificial intelligence at the heart of this tool is very reassuring for its user.

All you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields such as your identity, the client and the nature of the service. You are free to specify with or without VAT depending on your status.

The little extra of this tool for free online invoices is the addition of the SIREN or the RCS number which directly adds your contact details or those of your service provider without you having to fill in the fields. correspondents.

Kolirys: the software developed by the web agency Oxynnov

To develop their digital identity, web agencies do not hesitate to set up websites for their own interests. This is to extend their e-reputation, demonstrate their expertise in the creation of sites and then to self-finance their capital.

Kolirys is its very instrument. This easy-to-use, free online invoicing software goes a step further. While grouping the free offers of quotes and invoices, the interface pushes the logic a little further by allowing the calculation of social charges.

The artificial intelligence at the heart of the tool makes it possible to fill in the fields according to the nature of your company.

Zervant: the simplest and most ergonomic interface

Translated into the main languages ​​of the European Union, this Finnish site is the one you should perhaps choose if you want to simplify your life. Invoices and quotes can be unlimited for up to 5 customers.

Beyond that, you will have to take the first paid formula which starts at €9.99. The monthly and annual reports are very efficient. You can also download the invoices yourself in PDF format or send them by email via the site.

Another unexpected service that the site offers is the possibility of assisting you in the collection of unpaid invoices by assigning 5% of the invoice amount.

Canva: a bit fancier but does the job just as well

A full-fledged design site, Canva can assist you with your free online invoice diagram. This feature is all the more useful if you have already created a logo with the site.

The advantage is to have a personalized and pre-recorded document that you can then fill out as you wish depending on the customer’s request. Without being an online invoicing software, Canva has many invoice templates while modeling the design according to your tastes.

It is therefore a little more the art or the effect of producing attractive invoices that is put forward at the heart of the tool. a more than professional tool

A free online software that certainly goes further by offering you several invoice templates. Apart from the invoice for an ordinary customer, very explicit and necessary models such as the invoice with intra-community VAT number for foreign customers or the fee notes for the liberal professions can guide you.

A little more advanced, it gives you an excellent overview of the invoice according to the trade carried out. Enough to make a good impression in front of your customers when they receive their invoice by email.

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The list of the easiest and most intuitive free online invoicing software

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