The optician Afflelou bets on data with the help of Ekimetrics

With a network of 1,500 stores around the world, the Afflelou Group, which specializes in optical products and hearing aids, is getting a makeover and is banking on the use of data. To do this, the optician has teamed up with Ekimetrics, a company working in the field of data science.

In 2018, the Afflelou Group embarked on a digital transformation process with the objective of “build customer loyalty, set up omnichannel, attract new customers and place data at the heart of these three objectives“, explains Loïc Bocher, digital director of the Afflelou group, at L’Usine Digitale.

Shortly after, in 2019, the group chose Ekimetrics to support it in this strategy. “The franchised side of the group fits well with the logic of data platformization. What we would like to offer is an application that could be offered to the network or offer it value“, explains Jean-Baptiste Bouzige, CEO of Ekimetrics.

A challenge of sorting and centralizing data
Through its network, the group became aware of the very large amount of data that was not centralized and whose potential remained to be explored. “ The challenge is to use data in a performance management approach“, says Loïc Bocher. For the company, the objective is to allow franchisees to use tools in a management dynamic to know what actions to put in place, how to follow the progress of those started and have positive results. .

However, launching a digital strategy is not an easy task. “Our franchisees are not familiar with all the vocabulary and concepts of data, yet this is what they live and use all day“, indicates the digital director of the group. According to him, it is necessary to manage to understand the needs to propose messages at key moments, “it speaks to them more and they are able to fit into this dynamic without specific training“, he details.

New challenges
If the initial objective was to set up a data lake, the two companies have gradually expanded the possible targets. “What interested us was initially to do CRM (customer relations) then we realized that we could further optimize by focusing on stocks.“, reveals Loïc Bocher. “We therefore oriented ourselves more towards a “supply chain” logic by focusing on optimizing store restocking. Subsequently, we realized that we could also work on restocking and designing new products to identify trends and redirect sourcing.“, adds the manager.

For Jean-Baptiste Bouzige, these issues of supply and sourcing are booming. “Through these new so-called “sustainability” transformations, we will move more and more towards eco-design by using customer feedback and ecological constraints to feed research and development.“, he predicts.

create a single customer repository
To apply these approaches, Afflelou has implemented strategies with Ekimetrics for all of the group’s 1,500 stores, with the objective: “involve everyone“, says Loïc Bocher. “TEvery morning, for example, we will offer three indicators, including an NPS (net promoter score), which franchisees will see when they log on… We are thus spreading a data culture on a daily basis“, he develops.

The two companies are currently working on the single customer repository in order to create cross-functionality and learn more about customers. “This will allow us to know everything that is happening around a particular customer, the opinion he has given, his buying behavior, the emails he has opened and ultimately it opens up the fields for us on segmentation, profiling and artificial intelligence“, anticipates the digital director.

On the need for a “digital spine”
The success of such a project lies in the proper construction of a “digital spine“, specifies Jean-Baptiste Bouzige. The two companies are already pleased to have reached 80% of the data lake and central information system objective and to have made half the terms of “use cases” (use case) to exploit. The company is also pleased to have gone from
“the equivalent of 3 full-time FTE to 1 FTE, for identical tasks. We are also able to anticipate projects for the next two years thanks to Ekimetrics’ sustainable approach.”

The next step remains to reduce the number of departures to the competition, reduce equipment renewal times and increase additional sales. “We still have a lot under the pedals and there are a lot of levers that we can still activate“, concludes Loïc Bocher.

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The optician Afflelou bets on data with the help of Ekimetrics

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