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The tech world is currently experiencing levels of growth that we haven’t seen since the early days of the Silicon Valley bubble. IT spending is expected to reach 4.5 trillion dollars by early 2023, an increase of 5.5%.

The increase in demand for cloud services, due to our permanent shift to hybrid working in the wake of the pandemic, and the growth of “all-in-one” platforms have led to a talent shortage in the technology sector , which means that professionals and those with experience are in a stronger position than ever.

In fact, a global survey of tech workers recently showed that those who want to change jobs can ask for a raise of up to 12% on wages which are, on average, higher than normal. And this, before taking into account non-financial benefits such as stock options, share programs and various contributions.

If you’re not working in the tech industry yet, don’t worry, all is not lost. While there are opportunities for office workers in communications, human resources and sales, there are also huge upsides to upskilling and changing industries.

In fact, 38% of workers who recently moved from another industry to technology said they did so to take advantage of financial benefits and opportunities for advancement that may be lacking in other roles. Cloud-based positions in particular offer opportunities for advancement and an added level of job security, as the demand for cloud-based platforms and support in all businesses continues to grow.

So here are three tech jobs from NextPit and our partner Jobbio you can apply for this week in the most in-demand areas of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and cloud-based roles .


Security Engineer, Netflix

The role: As’security engineer At Netflix, you will work entirely remotely to integrate the security protocols team and participate in the deployment of related security building blocks, at the scale of streaming, games and other consumer product features.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible for identifying security risks, proposing a strategy to address them with product managers and product engineering, and helping to improve the security posture of our products. To be successful in this role, it is essential to have a strong safety mindset and operational pragmatism.

Requirements: You will have expertise in cryptography, security of cloud-based architectures and proven experience in device architecture, integration constraints and embedded hardware security.

Apply for the position ofsecurity engineer or view all available opportunities at netflix.

Artificial intelligence

Junior DevOps, Seven Leagues, Paris

The role: Sept Lieues is a company that has developed a new generation of artificial intelligence, simple and intuitive, and that is betting on becoming the market leader in Europe. She is now recruiting a Junior DevOps to participate in the entire DevOps and CI/CD strategy.

Responsibilities: You will be involved in the technical management, the development of reporting tools, CI/CD and scripts, alongside the IT team which is in charge of security. You will implement practices, educate other teams and monitor data completeness.

Requirements: CI/CD skills, good knowledge of the DevOps ecosystem and knowledge of one or more of these ecosystems/tools: Git, gerrit, Buildbot, Jira, nexus, sonarQube, elasticsearch, docker, python, Bash are required .

Apply for the position of Junior DevOps or check out the other opportunities available at Seven Leagues.

cloud computing

Consultant Azure Cloud Architect M/F, UNLCK

The role: UNLCK was founded in 2005 by former Microsoft employees and is now looking for a new Azure Cloud Architect for a permanent contract to strengthen the team.

Responsibilities: Your missions will be to design and propose cloud solutions for customers, and to create projects from A to Z, from design to implementation. You will advise on the implementation of best practices and support developers on the Azure cloud.

Requirements: Ideally, you have an engineering degree in computer science, and at least five years of experience, including at least two years in development. Experience with C# and Azure is essential.

Apply for the position ofAzure Cloud architect or check out other opportunities at UNLCK.

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These 3 jobs in the tech industry may be for you | NextPit

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