Topaz Photo AI: three software in one to improve the quality of your images

New editing software in sight at Topaz Labs. The American publisher unveils Topaz Photo AI, a new “3-in-1” toolwhich brings together within a single interface the functionalities of its software Gigapixel AI, Denoise AI and Sharpen AI. It is also betting on a new “Autopilot” functionwhich should automatically determine which tools to use to optimize the quality of a photo.

A single tool to correct problems of blur, digital noise and enlarge your images

For several years, the Texas publisher Topaz Labs has offered several AI-powered softwareintended to perfect the quality of our shots. DeNoise AI aims to intelligently remove the digital noise. Sharpen AI aims to improve the overall image sharpness and fix blurring issues. Finally, Gigapixel AI allow enlarge a photo without loss by recreating the missing pixels.

With Photo AI, Topaz Labs comes bring these three tools together in a single interfacepractical for not having to juggle between several software to obtain the final result.

The editor also highlights a new feature, named “Auto pilot”. Its principle is very simple. The software analyzes the image and automatically detects the “weaknesses” of the photo. He then activates the module(s) he deems necessary to the improvement of the cliché.

So if you open a file weakly definedAutopilot will automatically apply the function Gigapixel AI. In the same way, the software automatically determines the degree of intervention necessary to DeNoise AI or of Sharpen AI. It is thus able to remove the unwanted blur and/or the effects of digital noise, always through the use of artificial intelligence.

The software is also able to detect the subject(s) of a photo. He must therefore be able to adjust the intensity of the correctionsdepending on whether you are in a photo of portrait or of countryside.

Of course, each of the options remains deactivatable. If you just want to remove digital noise, no need to enlarge the image with Gigapixel AI, for example.

In the same way as for the separate modules, the software is able to manage the JPEG and RAW files. It can also work as extension of Photoshop and Lightroom or of CaptureOne.

AI Photo Pricing and Availability

Topaz Photo AI is available now for computer (Windows 10 or 11) and for Mac (Intel or Apple M1/M2 chip). The software is offered priced at $199 and can be used simultaneously on two machines.

For reference, DeNoise AI and SharpenAI are offered at $79.99 each, and Gigapixel AI to $99. Similarly, the “Image Quality” pack comprising the 3 modules is also offered at $199.

Our first opinion on Photo AI

In absolute terms, Photo AI does not upset the ecosystem of the Texas publisher. However, this “all-in-one” software scores a point with its Autopilot functionable to improve in one click a noisy and/or blurry and/or weakly defined photo. One way to avoid photographers having to pass the image through 3 different software… Topaz Labs is also responding to Skylumincluding the software Luminar Neo also includes a number of editing tools – and extensions – based on AI.

We can easily imagine later that Photo AI integrates a photo catalog system, in order to become a more serious alternative to improve and retouch your photos in a complete way.

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Topaz Photo AI: three software in one to improve the quality of your images

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