Transporeon launches Freight Matching for Forwarders

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  • Transporeon aims to support freight forwarders in their digital transformation by digitizing the main manual processes
  • Freight Matching increases efficiency and business gains for freight forwarders and their network of carriers by empowering them to operate in a safer and more efficient digital environment
  • Freight forwarders can now route any transport seamlessly, and ensure maximum business efficiency and best-in-class customer service for their shipper customers through an all-in-one platform providing full visibility into every transport
  • Using AI, Freight Matching gives freight forwarders quick access to the entire network of carriers, allowing experts to organize it according to business needs and assign the right capacity to the right transport on a single platform

Ulm, June 22, 2022

As freight experts, freight forwarders have a vision of how their industry and business can be optimized. To make this a reality, Transporeon announces the launch of Freight Matching, an innovative tool aimed at developing and optimizing the activity of freight forwarders while leading a digital revolution in the freight transport sector.

Transporeon launches Freight Matching for Forwarders

This is a crucial innovation for the sector. Freight has evolved over the years, but some basic principles remain the same: Freight is repeatedly passed from shippers to one or more freight forwarders and carriers. Often this process is manual, and includes many challenges “, Explain Gruziana Hoxha, Executive Director for Carrier Management of Transporeon.

The dynamism of the current market generates an ever greater demand for transport capacity. As a result, freight forwarders often have to look beyond their network of carriers and resort to outsourcing. The latter has always played an important role in many supply chains, and even carriers with a large number of assets use it, since some loads do not fit into their existing network. However, outsourcing sometimes has a bad image, and can be accompanied by certain risks such as the interruption of information flows, the lack of visibility in transit, the deterioration of the quality of service and OTIF performance, and potential security risks.

Freight Matching responds to these challenges by maximizing the available capacity that freight forwarders already have with their own network of carriers. It allows logistics teams to optimize the transport allocation process so that they can make the best use of this network and limit the need to leave it to increase their capacity. ” This tool ensures that the right carrier is always assigned to the right shipment, and at the right price. », adds Gruziana Hoxha.

Freight forwarders play a vital role in supply chains. They have been consolidating fragmented capabilities and providing end-to-end transportation services for over 200 years, with customer experience at heart: “ It’s a human business, where relationships and partnerships make all the difference ” Explain Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon. ” Today, we are adding innovative technology to their toolbox. The latter allows them to optimize their capabilities and thus devote more time to improving and creating relationships to strengthen their network, create new solutions, and provide a better customer experience. Using technology in logistics makes people’s lives easier while fostering collaboration and business growth – and that’s exactly what Freight Matching is all about. “.

About Transporeon

At Transporeon, our mission is to synchronize transportation with the world. We power the world’s largest freight network of 1,300 industrial shippers, 100 major retailers and over 145,000 carriers and logistics service providers. They perform approximately 120,000 transports per day on our platform and process around 20 billion euros in freight volume per year by land, sea, and air. Our Transportation Management Platform is fully configured to meet the needs of the modern supply chain, enabling transparent supply chains and efficient processes for all stakeholders. Our tools and services cover market intelligence and benchmarking, freight sourcing and rate management, transportation execution, dock and yard planning, tracking and visibility, freight settlement , payment and audit. All of these solutions are fully deployable worldwide for multimodal coverage capable of handling any type of load. Transporeon is fully GDPR compliant, including our data lake for automated decision support based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Transporeon is headquartered in Ulm, Germany, and has 18 offices worldwide with over 1,300 employees in 27 countries.

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Transporeon launches Freight Matching for Forwarders

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