Zyro, the platform that is revolutionizing the creation of websites

Designing a pretty site isn’t just for IT pros anymore. You don’t even have to hire an outside agency to create a website anymore. Indeed, for a few years now, web platforms like Zyro have given you all the cards in hand to succeed in your site creation project simply and in no time.

Zyro is a European service provider that offers a “turnkey” solution for designing a website, a blog and even an online store. Zyro has two major advantages over its competitors: its use does not require any specific digital knowledge and the prices of its subscriptions are very affordable. This is all the more true at the moment, with the additional 3 months offered for free.

To take advantage of it, just click on the link below:

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How Zyro Creates a Site in Under an Hour

Zyro is a very well thought out site creation platform, especially for computer novices. Its ease of use is such that it is possible to put your site online in less than an hour. It’s quite amazing since in general it takes time to become familiar with this type of platform.

The first step is to create an account by selecting a package from the three available (see details further down in this article). It will take you less than five minutes.

You will then be asked to choose a template (site model) from the many available in order to start customizing it. If the templates are a very good basis for work and inspiration, know that they are 100% modifiable according to your desires and your needs. Moreover, Zyro templates have the particularity of being designed by design professionals. This explains the quality and aesthetics of the latter.

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You can also turn to its smart builder. The latter will take care of designing a site adapted to your project and your preferences following a few questions. It is therefore a tailor-made solution that will save you even more time. It’s interesting if you have no notion in the web or specific expectation to start. Zyro will offer you a suitable design, but of course you can modify it.

Whether you opted for the predefined template or the smart builder, it barely takes about ten minutes. It’s the creation and customization stage that takes a little longer. Fortunately, with the very intuitive tool developed by Zyro, it’s child’s play. The editor interface is clean and well-designed. It should also be noted that Zyro is translated into French, which is not the case for all platforms of this type. So there will be no confusion for anyone when creating a site.

Create a website with Zyro

The navigation menu on the left allows you to add elements to the page of your site in a few clicks (texts, images, geolocation map, contact form, subscription to the newsletter, etc.) and to see the changes in real time on the preview window. Of course, the default font can be modified, as well as the colors and layout of each block.


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As the editor works on the principle of drag and drop, getting started is very quick and manipulations are very simple. When you are satisfied with the result, just click on the publish button and your site will already be visible on the Internet. This step lasts an average of thirty minutes.

Zyro, more than a site builder

Zyro wanted to make site creation easy and fast. For this, he bet on an ergonomic editor, but also on many tools based on artificial intelligence. All are made available to users free of charge. For example, there is a thermal attention map, which allows you to know where the visitor’s gaze is concentrated. This is the best way to optimize the layout of your site.

Zyro also offers a content generator for those who are less comfortable with writing. This tool offers quality texts related to the activity or category you are entering. You can directly copy and paste the text into your site or make corrections if necessary. Anyway, it’s a great help when you’re just starting out. Finally, Zyro differentiates itself by offering a logo creator so that you can build your brand image from the launch of your site.

But there’s more to Zyro than creating. It also allows you to manage your site and develop your business from an optimized back office including all the necessary sections. For example, you can analyze the performance of your site and your audience very simply from your user space and manage your orders in the case of an e-commerce site.

Advantageous packages with 3 months free for Lemon Squeezer readers

As you can see, Zyro is a very easy-to-use site creation platform that adapts to all types of projects and sectors of activity. It is also a very competitive publisher in terms of prices. Zyro currently offers three offers with very attractive discounts:

By clicking on the link below, the code “PRESSECITRON” will automatically apply and you will then benefit from 3 additional free months. For the duration of the subscription, you have the choice between one month, one year or two years. Note that the offer with the 3 months free is not valid for the monthly plan.

Finally, it is important to note that the subscription is fully refundable within 30 days thanks to the guarantee. You can therefore subscribe without stress.

In short, Zyro integrates all the elements necessary for the design and management of a site, in order to make life easier for users. To test it without risk and create your website, blog or e-shop, it’s here:

Create a site with Zyro

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Zyro, the platform that is revolutionizing the creation of websites

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