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Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), also known as Computer Speech Recognition, is a technology that converts spoken language into written text. It’s a cross-disciplinary area within computer science and computational linguistics that focuses on creating strategies and technologies that allow computers to recognize and convert spoken language into written text. ASR has a broad range of applications including transcription services, voice assistants, real-time subtitles, and much more.


The core functionality of ASR systems involves capturing, recognizing, and processing spoken language and converting it into machine-readable format. This process involves several steps, including audio processing to remove noise, feature extraction to recognize phonemes (the smallest units of language), and finally mapping the phonemes into words and sentences. Machine learning, particularly deep learning algorithms, have significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of these systems.

Automated Speech Recognition serves as a fundamental technology underpinning the growth of voice interaction with machines. At its core, it is about creating voice-activated systems that are capable of transcribing human speech into written format, making digital systems more accessible and user-friendly. As voice user interfaces become more integral to digital platforms and technology, the importance and application of ASR will continue to grow and play a vital role in the advance of human-computer interaction.

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