ChatGPT peut-il devenir votre coach sportif ?

ChatGPT peut il devenir votre coach sportif

Lorsque j’ai reçu un mail m’annonçant que j’avais été retenue pour participer au marathon de Londres, j’ai explosé de joie. Et puis, j’ai été prise d’un sentiment de peur. Six mois à peine après mon dernier marathon, je savais à quel point il me faudrait faire preuve de dévotion afin de continuer à courir jour … Read more

Qui profitera en bourse de l’éclosion de l’intelligence artificielle?

Depuis que le monde a découvert l’étonnant ChatGPT, les attentes envers l’intelligence artificielle (IA) ont bondi. Va-t-elle donner le coup de fouet attendu à l’économie et à la bourse? “L’IA est un ‘game changer’, c’est certain, mais cela prendra du temps.” Le buzz assourdissant né autour de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) depuis que la start-up OpenAI … Read more

A startup in Israel creates a smart urban farm that produces superfoods

1674832858 A startup in Israel creates a smart urban farm that

An Israeli agritech startup that has set out to democratize highly nutritious superfoods, on Thursday unveiled what it calls the first urban agricultural farm that grows and produces year-round green “caviar,” a food made from duckweed, fresh and affordable, ready to eat. GreenOnyx has designed, in a sterile environment, a fully autonomous technology platform based … Read more

Institut Curie presents four breakthrough innovations in cancer radiotherapy

1674659887 Institut Curie presents four breakthrough innovations in cancer radiotherapy

Historical cradle of radiotherapy, the Institut Curie also hopes to shape its future. On Tuesday January 24, ahead of World Cancer Day on February 4, the research center presented four breakthrough technologies on which its researchers are working. “An important hope in the fight against cancer”, emphasizes Prof. Thierry Philip, its chairman of the board. … Read more

“Deep tech: the canticle of quantum”. David Lacombled’s column

Deep tech the canticle of quantum David Lacombleds column

Faced with the two efficient digital powers that are the United States and China, Europe has no world-famous champion. Under the pen of entrepreneurs Gilles Babinet and Olivier Coste, the Institut Montaigne points out “the dangerous specialization of Europewhich is seriously behind in terms of digital technologies. This is not the case for other economic … Read more

Hacking, cheating, scams… The biggest dangers of ChatGPT

Hacking cheating scams The biggest dangers of ChatGPT

Already considered a revolution in new technologies, ChatGPT, OpenAI’s conversational agent, is already raising concerns about the threats it poses to certain businesses and the risks of such power being misused. Faced with its ability to respond to all kinds of requests, whether to write a poem, an essay or even code, it did not … Read more

Research shows how Huntington’s disease affects two distinct cell populations in the striatum

Research shows how Huntingtons disease affects two distinct cell populations

In patients with Huntington’s disease, neurons in a part of the brain called the striatum are among the hardest hit. The degeneration of these neurons contributes to patients’ loss of motor control, which is one of the hallmarks of the disease. MIT neuroscientists have now shown that two distinct cell populations in the striatum are … Read more