robor painter

Text-to-image: and AI turned words into pixels

Is it a real image or produced by an algorithm? Regularly, the amazing progress of so-called artificial intelligence (AI) blurs a little more the border between reality and its imitation. The first months of 2022 have made it possible to cross an unprecedented stage: having reached maturity, research work is making it possible, in a […]
PhotoLab 6

DxO announces the launch of PhotoLab 6 & ViewPoint 4

The DxO PhotoLab 6 RAW processing software raises the bar even higher in terms of denoising, thanks to AI technologies.  DxO launches the DxO PhotoLab 6 RAW processing software. In addition to its innovative DeepPRIME XD denoising technology, this new major version introduces advanced color management with extended color space, powerful new retouching tools, and […]
medical ai

Milvue presents its news and announces the launch of its community around Collaborative Intelligence

Always attentive and closer to radiologists, Milvue, a specialist in medical imaging workflows and artificial intelligence, evolves towards collaborative intelligence to make its solutions even more useful, more effective, more integrated, and more accessible to all players in the world of health. Collaborative intelligence consists of aligning AI developments with the redefinition of organizational and operational […]

Datagotchi: What if your lifestyle predicted your political affiliation?

Could it be that your clothing habits, your favorite coffee shop, the number of tattoos you have, the music you listen to, and where you buy your clothes reflect the political party you are likely to vote for in the October 3 election? It is the best that a research team, of which Nadjim Fréchet is […]
robot and star wars

Darth Vader’s original Star Wars voice is stepping down, but the AI ​​is here for the sequel

American actor James Earl Jones, whose voice brought Darth Vader to life for 45 years, agrees that his sound archives can be used for Star Wars projects. In addition to sound editing, artificial intelligence algorithms will also be able to create new phrases. It is a recognizable voice among a thousand. Deep, vibrant, warm. At […]
ai ecology app

Ronan le Roy (Goodflow): “The IoT must provide a notion of legal proof of who is responsible for the packaging and when”

JDN. You advocate a new proof-of-responsibility role for the IoT in asset tracking. Can you explain the concept? The founder of the start-up Goodflow is leveraging artificial intelligence and radio technologies so that sensors can provide accountability in the event of a supply chain incident. Ronan le Roy. In Europe, each year, the use of […]
Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco

We finally know who was responsible for the Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco…

On the Daily program: an artificial intelligence learns to play Minecraft by watching YouTube videos. Next, we talk about Cyberpunk 2077’s disastrous launch, finally explained. We end with Netflix’s Horizon series unfolding. What if the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 was not entirely the fault of CD Projekt? Cyberpunk 2077, the game that was expected […]
ai for android

Google TensorFlow Lite to Make Android Smarter, Leading to More AI-Dependent Smartphone Features TechRadar

Google’s new TensorFlow Lite will soon make Android smarter, giving the smartphone system better AI-dependent features. This new machine learning framework designed by Google Brain Team is specifically created to work on mobile devices, especially smartphones. The search engine giant unveiled this new artificial intelligence technology on Wednesday, May 4 for its upcoming Google I/O developer conference, […]
ai in medicine

Artificial intelligence is shaping a new medical revolution

“Art at the crossroads of several sciences”, medicine at the beginning of the 21st century is about to experience a new revolution, like the one experienced by the world of painting in the 19th century. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing medical paradigms, just as photography yesterday renewed the foundations of painting. Medicine is an art […]
ai finance

Qraft wants to put algorithms at the service of finance

This young South Korean shoot has just received an investment from Softbank to set out to conquer the American market. The world of finance has been relatively reluctant to adopt artificial intelligence. But things are changing, as illustrated by the recent fundraising of Qraft Technologies. In January, this young South Korean company received an investment […]