Anesthesia, Covid… how interdisciplinarity benefits healthcare innovation

Anesthesia Covid… how interdisciplinarity benefits healthcare innovation

No one will deny the seriousness of the health crisis we have just gone through. But, beyond the shortcomings and deficiencies of our health system, the Covid pandemic has also been revealing on multiple levels. In particular, there was an awareness of the value of health, and the importance of having a hospital capable of … Read more

Quack for Galactica, Meta’s AI trained to read scientific articles – CNET France

Quack for Galactica Metas AI trained to read scientific articles

In the first year of the pandemic, more than 100,000 scientific articles were published about Covid-19. An unprecedented effort that produced an unprecedented amount of information. It would have been impossible for a human being to read and understand each of these studies. In theory, Galactica would be able to. It is artificial intelligence developed … Read more



In a country where you can smell the wind aboard a Regional Express Train (TER), a stadium that dazzles any visitor and a cornice that shines the gloss of the Atlantic, in an era when the world is stamping its feet to embrace its meta-humanity, a flooded hospital might be the stuff of fiction. But … Read more

The Palmes de la Médecine: the health actors of the Côte d’Azur rewarded

The Palmes de la Medecine the health actors of the

On Wednesday, November 16, the 4th edition of the Palmes de la Médecine took place, an evening in tribute to the daily work and research carried out by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, etc., in the Alpes-Maritimes and in Monaco. What rewards for what actions? A look back at this evening in honor of Côte d’Azur … Read more

opinion | Empty road transport, the other ecological disaster

opinion Empty road transport the other ecological disaster

Posted Nov 18, 2022, 2:03 PM While the “ghost flights” that roam the skies have recently been rightly the subject of an environmental scandal and economical, another type of highly problematic empty transport is also showing up on our roads every day, further from the spotlight. You are driving on the highway. Every two kilometers … Read more

Concevoir et programmer des ordinateurs vivants – Crumpe

The Sophia business angels international entrepreneurs who invest in innovation

Réunissant des concepts d’outils d’ingénierie électrique et de bio-ingénierie, les scientifiques du Technion et du MIT ont collaboré pour produire des cellules conçues pour calculer des fonctions sophistiquées – des “bio-ordinateurs” en quelque sorte. Des étudiants diplômés et des chercheurs du Technion – Le laboratoire de biologie synthétique et de bioélectronique du professeur Ramez Daniel … Read more

Next-generation semiconductors: Japan puts 500 million euros on the table

Next generation semiconductors Japan puts 500 million euros on the table

Japan announced on Friday an investment of nearly half a billion euros in a new project intended to produce next-generation semiconductors in the country and bringing together large Japanese groups. The Japanese government has promised to inject 70 billion yen (483 million euros), while eight private companies including Sony, Toyota, SoftBank Group or NTT must … Read more

Hey Siri, it’s over: Apple announces changes to its voice assistant

Hey Siri its over Apple announces changes to its voice

News hardware Hey Siri, it’s over: Apple announces changes to its voice assistant Published on 07/11/2022 at 19:15 Owners of Apple devices who are followers of the Siri voice assistant will probably have to change their habits in the years to come. Indeed, the American manufacturer intends to make some modifications concerning the way of … Read more

Un chercheur de l’UTA veut développer des robots d’assistance pour aider les personnes souffrant de lésions de la moelle épinière. – The Inquirer 🇫🇷

Un chercheur de lUTA veut developper des robots dassistance pour

Une chercheuse en informatique de l’Université du Texas à Arlington met au point un système robotique qui aide les personnes atteintes de lésions de la moelle épinière à effectuer des tâches quotidiennes. Elle fait appel aux membres de l’équipe de basket-ball en fauteuil roulant Movin’ Mavs de l’UTA. Fillia Makedon, professeur distingué au département des … Read more

The real purpose of AI may no longer be intelligence

Artificial intelligence Five areas where everything will change

The British mathematician Alan Turing wrote in 1950: “I propose to examine the question ‘Can machines think?’ His investigation framed the debate for decades of research on artificial intelligence. For two generations of scientists who have studied IA, the question of whether it was possible to achieve “real” or “human” intelligence has always been an … Read more