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Expert Systems a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), are computer systems that emulate the decision-making ability of a human expert in a particular domain. They are designed to solve complex problems by reasoning through bodies of knowledge, represented mainly as if-then rules rather than conventional procedural code. These systems interpret and reason through the rules to provide advice or suggestions in a particular subject area.


The primary components of an expert system include the knowledge base, inference engine, and user interface. The knowledge base is the collection of facts and rules.It also handles user interaction, questioning the user, explaining conclusions, etc. The user interface is the means by which users communicate with the expert system.

Expert systems are beneficial in performing tasks that are intellectually demanding for humans. They can help diagnose a disease based on symptoms, make recommendations for financial investments, configure computer systems, or troubleshoot electronic equipment, among other applications. Expert systems extend the ability of decision making in businesses and institutions by incorporating the knowledge captured from human experts in specific fields.

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