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Keyphrase Extraction is a process in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that involves automated extraction and identification of key phrases or keywords from a large amount of unstructured text data. These key phrases ideally represent the main theme or the central topics covered within the content. The extraction of such phrases aids in the summarization of data, understanding the context, and categorizing or indexing the text, thus improving the effectiveness of information retrieval systems.


The goal of keyphrase extraction is to compute the importance of the phrases within the context of the larger text. This is typically done by employing methods such as statistical analysis or machine learning techniques. For example, in a frequency analysis might be performed to determine how often a phrase appears in a document or corpus. Machine learning approaches might involve training models on a labeled dataset to recognize and extract key phrases from new, unseen data.

Keyphrase extraction is a fundamental task within text mining that significantly contributes to the comprehension of large text corpora. By pinpointing key phrases, users are provided with insights into the main themes in text data without needing to delve into the full content. It serves vital roles in numerous applications, such as search engine optimization (SEO), content recommendation, and document clustering.

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