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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in AI refers to the technology that allows computers to convert images containing printed or handwritten text into machine-readable and editable text. OCR is capable to bridge the gap between physical documents and digital data, enabling efficient data extraction and manipulation. OCR systems utilize image processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to recognize and interpret individual characters, words, and layout structures within images.


OCR’s significance is evident in its wide-ranging applications, including digitizing printed documents, automating data entry, and enabling text-based searches within images. OCR technology enhances accessibility by converting printed materials into formats that can be read aloud by screen readers, aiding visually impaired individuals. Furthermore, OCR plays a pivotal role in document management, archival efforts, and information retrieval, as it speeds up data extraction processes and reduces the need for manual data entry. The accuracy and performance of OCR systems have significantly improved over time, fueled by advancements in deep learning and image recognition techniques.

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