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Stellantis & You, Sales and Services, and Fidcar have entered into a partnership in the field of after-sales predictive marketing. Stellantis, the group born from the merger between PSA and FCA, continues to forge partnerships with renowned players to best negotiate all the shifts in Tech and industry that are required in the automotive sector. The latest agreement to date concerns a commercial agreement between its distribution subsidiary Stellantis & You, Sales and Services, and the company Fidcar, recently acquired by Motor K, in the field of after-sales predictive marketing for the European region.

Develop the turnover of Stellantis & You, Sales and Services

According to the duo, this is a key step in the deployment of the strategic plan for the manufacturer’s subsidiary, the objective being to put artificial intelligence at the service of personalizing customer relations. He then speaks of a “significant potential for developing customer satisfaction and after-sales turnover”. And to add: “Predictive after-sales marketing thus consists in proposing to the customer in a targeted manner, in good time, offers corresponding to the estimated condition of his vehicle and his maintenance needs”.

The device plans to give birth to two technological bricks, namely the “Fidcar Predict” artificial intelligence platform, which makes it possible to predict and propose after-sales offers adjusted to customer needs, and the mobile application “Fidcar Check” co-developed with Stellantis & You, Sales and Services, which should enrich the database of the Predict platform and thus improve the relevance of its results.

The test was validated in a dealership

To validate this predictive marketing system dedicated to after-sales activities, a test and co-development phase was therefore carried out for almost a year within the Stellantis & You dealership in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, near Lille. This pilot would have obtained conclusive results in terms of customer satisfaction and ROI and is therefore logically the subject of a national and European deployment plan, which should be completed by the end of 2022.

The owner of the subsidiary Anne Abboud affirms that “Stellantis & You, Sales and Services has been resolutely committed since its creation to the digital transformation of its activities, in the service of the efficiency and growth of its businesses. The “test and learn” approach implemented with Fidcar now enables us to deploy personalized after-sales predictive marketing tools, which are very promising in terms of conversion and loyalty, to the benefit of customer satisfaction in our dealerships.”.