eBay Introduces New AI-Driven ‘Shop the Look’ Functionality to Its iOS Application

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eBay Introduces New AI-Driven 'Shop the Look' Functionality to Its iOS Application

On Tuesday, eBay unveiled an innovative AI-powered feature aimed at fashion lovers: a “shop the look” option in its iOS app. This option offers a selection of images and offers inspired by the user’s past purchases. The company emphasizes that these offers are tailored to each user and will be refined as a person continues to shop. The aim is to demonstrate how additional fashion items can enhance an existing wardrobe.


This new feature, ‘shop the look’, features interactive dots that, when clicked, present similar items and style inspiration, covering both second-hand and high-end pieces that resonate with the user’s unique sense of fashion. This development uses eBay.ai and was developed in partnership with the eBay Responsible AI team, following RAI principles.


Shop the look becomes available to any eBay user who has viewed at least ten fashion-related items in the last six months. It will be prominently featured on eBay’s main page as well as on the fashion landing page.


For eBay, the addition represents a new way to highlight the wide range of products it offers, potentially boosting sales if it catches on. eBay plans to gradually expand this feature to more categories and include additional customization features in the coming year.


eBay isn’t the only one using artificial intelligence to improve the online clothing shopping experience. Last summer, Google introduced a feature that allows users to virtually try on clothes using an AI tool. Amazon has similarly used artificial intelligence to help customers find the right clothes online. Unlike those businesses, which focus primarily on providing a good fit, eBay’s latest development aims to inspire users by helping them discover styles that suit their tastes, a task made more difficult by the subjective nature of style.