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A creative and innovative spirit cut out for entrepreneurship

Pto offers high-quality services at an affordable price, here is the challenge that the co-founders of fivedigital. Following the dazzling success of their first agency established in the sphere of accountancy, the businessmen decided to focus their interest on the digital marketing market. Indeed, the founders of the agency Fivedigital are far from being novices in the field of entrepreneurship. In constant search of challenge and optimization, the two entrepreneurs inaugurated their collaboration in 2012 by creating the company Keobiz, which specialized in the field of accounting expertise. The company has met with undeniable success, it now has 600 employees and has a portfolio of more than 10,000 customers. A fine consecration for its daring founders, who started from scratch.


Simply armed with remarkable perseverance and avant-garde minds, they now intend to revolutionize the digital marketing market in their own way. Their main idea? Provide VSEs and SMEs with excellent service at a reduced cost. In short, the agency has the desire to satisfy a clientele hitherto neglected for lack of means, yet just as eager for professional and conscientious work. The digital agency also offers a complete or à la carte service, starting at €150, in order to best suit the client’s expectations. To do this, the founders of Fivedigital have brought together the best experts in their respective fields in order to be able to deliver a quality, turnkey project.


A turnkey project adapted to the needs of its customers


From the first contact, a briefing is held with the aim of guiding the client and proposing a real tailor-made strategy; clear entry communication, particularly on prices. Indeed, Fivedigital offers services at fixed prices, unlike the majority of its competitors who prefer to practice percentage invoicing calculated from the budget of their customers. The digital agency is then responsible for soliciting the right actors to carry out the project: SEA, SEO, advertising design, webmaster… A team of professionals is available to improve the performance of the client’s site, with, among other things, the creation of landing pages, banners, and personalized videos that have already proven themselves on social networks. The latter is shot over one day, lasting 15 seconds on average and numbering from 3 to 5 depending on the needs, they are entirely driven by Fivedigital: actor, script, arguments to highlight, editing, publication, and so on. , using quality materials. In other words, the agency offers a complete service, suitable for the most seasoned as well as novices in the field.


“If the client does not master Google, does not know the principle of SEA, and does not know who to contact to carry out video campaigns, it does not matter since we take care of it. We simplify the process while providing quality work, affordable, to encourage the development of VSEs / SMEs” they explain to us.


A real-time saver for the inexperienced customer who sometimes finds himself helpless in the face of so many steps. Fivedigital seduces with its turnkey offer which encourages the development of projects despite the lack of knowledge of customers in web marketing techniques. A really good point for this innovative agency which, beyond providing sound advice, effectively supports its customers.


Experienced professionals within reach of VSEs and SMEs


To carry out their project of offering excellent services at reasonable prices, the co-founders of Fivedigital have drawn up a strategy based on two points. “First of all, we had to be able to collaborate with the best without this affecting prices.” says one of them. To guarantee the involvement of their employees and thus sustain the quality of the work provided by their experts, the founders of Fivedigital had an ingenious idea: to offer them an association with the capital of the company. They then brought together the flagship of SEA and SEO, among the largest agencies in Paris, to submit this attractive offer to them and thus revolutionize the market. “Then, it was absolutely necessary to optimize the performance of customer campaigns” confides the second to us.


The duo of entrepreneurs therefore first developed tools equipped with artificial intelligence in order to improve internal processes, then subsequently dissected each profession with the aim of extracting cyclical tasks, which do not have of real added value, to entrust them at low cost to a subsidiary. The guarantee of quality remaining at the heart of the Fivefigital project, these missions remain supervised by the experts who ensure their smooth running, while devoting themselves to the essentials.


“Basic and repetitive tasks are outsourced so that the best can devote themselves to value-added actions. This allows us to reduce costs without compromising the excellence of the service” says one of the founders.


Intelligently reduced costs that have no impact on the quality of services; Fivedigital has succeeded in providing its customers with a team made up of the most experienced specialists at an unbeatable price in terms of value for money. Excellent news for VSEs and SMEs on a smaller budget who now have the possibility of having access to such a service at a lower cost.


Make excellence accessible through a bold business plan


Ultimately, the two visionary entrepreneurs have put together a solid business plan that seems to have a clear future. Driven by the challenge, they put their experience and their contacts to good use in order to offer us, through their company Fivedigital, a tailor-made service of very high quality at an affordable price. The agency adapts to the needs of the client by presenting à la carte but also turnkey services, with a view to complete and efficient management of the project. To do this, the founders of Fivedigital called on trusted professionals to whom they offered the possibility of joining the company’s capital; skilful maneuver which guarantees a serious implication of the experts and, in fact, a work of excellence to the customer.


This is accompanied by a reduction in task completion time thanks to artificial intelligence and the relocation of redundant actions without added value under the supervision of recognized specialists. It would seem that the co-founders of Fivedigital have found the perfect recipe to achieve their goal: a brilliant reduction in costs from a salary point of view coupled with a clever optimization of internal processes. This ingenious method is turning the webmarketing market upside down, which was already intended to be innovative; a bright future full of success in perspective for these avant-garde entrepreneurs.