What do you want to know about agriculture in Africa?

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Quality agricultural information is an indispensable input like any other input needed by the small producer to make a successful agricultural campaign


Giova therefore helps farmers, enthusiasts of the agricultural sector, policy makers, researchers, traders to have the right information with more ease, comfort (text and voice) and fluency.


The innovative tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as an information box specially tailored for agriculture, drawing inspiration from the reference site for agricultural news.


“A completely creative and intelligent tool capable of understanding the needs of its user. The objective is also to make life easier for agricultural actors by providing them with a specialized tool in the field”, explains Ayéfoumi Ange-Gabriel ADOUKONOU, developer in Giova project manager at Agridigitale.


How it works?


You just need to download the chatbot thanks to the link and install it on your Android phone or PC. After successful installation, open the app and the interface will appear with a search bar displayed at the very bottom.


For your searches, you have written and voice options. The tool is full of more than 20 languages ​​including African ones (Amharic from Ethiopia, Hausa spoken mainly in Niger and Nigeria, Igbo, Kiswahili from Tanzania, Malagasy from Madagascar, Yoruba from Nigeria, Zulu from South Africa etc.).


Once your written or voice request, click on “send”, the tool is therefore responsible for bringing out all the information relating to your request and can process several requests at the same time.

“It is advisable to search mainly by keyword. Example: cocoa, soybeans, cotton, corn, etc. The strategic implementation of keywords plays a pivotal role in ensuring the tool’s precision and accuracy in presenting search results to users. All like Google, the more vague the requests, the more imprecise the answers”, adds Ayéfoumi Ange-Gabriel, trained in software engineering at the Center Informatique et de Calcul (CIC) of the University of Lomé (UL).


Accuracy is therefore essential in searches in order to have the best possible results on demand. From there, agricultural research is now child’s play for everyone.


For the first leaders of the media, “with the explosion of digital tools, farmers in Africa must have agricultural information and on time in their mother tongue on the richness of their land, know what to produce, when it will do so, and have as much information as possible, especially in this period of climate change having negative impacts on agricultural production”.