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Come and Phosphorize this Sunday at the Science and Innovation Village in Juan-les-Pins

Is science too sharp and technology too complicated? These are all preconceived ideas that the Science and Innovation Village has been trying to erase since its creation seven years ago by the Sophia Antipolis urban community (Casa) in partnership with Sophia Club Entreprises and the University of the Côte d’Azur. And, Eureka, it works! Many […]
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When EdTech makes the learning journey more inclusive

According to government figures, 110,000 young people leave school every year without a diploma. The fight against dropping out of school is one of the government’s main concerns and EdTechs could well be major allies to get there. Used well, digital technology can be a tool for democratization allowing each student to progress at their […]

They have chosen a job that hires. Louis, 20, computer science student: “I love solving problems”

With his baccalaureate in hand, Louis embarked on a five-year course at Epitech Nice, a private school specializing in IT. What is your background? I did a science baccalaureate with the Computer Science and Digital Sciences option. I already wanted to turn to new technologies so I applied to Epitech. To enter this paying school, […]